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WE WON! Montcalm Ends Animal Research Contract


Thanks to all of you who supported the effort, and was a part of the movement, R&R Research will no longer have a contract with Montcalm MI to harvest former family pets for free and sell them for "research" at gains of $300 - $400 per dog and who knows how much for cats.

The betrayal of public trust and innocent victim animal trust in this situation was extreme and repugnant. But thanks to you all, the contract is cancelled as of August 1. (Now we just have to get those poor, innocent souls through August 1.) Please scroll down and read the final report.

Congratulations for a job well done.

Nancy Jean Rose

UPDATE: Montcalm votes to end animal research contract
April 27, 2009

MONTCALM COUNTY, Mich. (WZZM) - Montcalm County leaders will end their contract with a research company that uses animals from the county's shelter.

The county board of commissioners voted this afternoon to end the agreement with R&R Research effective August 1.

The deal with R&R has been the source of heated debate for months in Montcalm County. Montcalm is one of only three counties in Michigan that takes what are supposed to be "unwanted" shelter animals and sells them to research facilities.

R&R Research disposes of the remains of euthanized animals from the Montcalm County Animal Shelter. In return, the company uses unwanted dogs and cats from the facility.

The deal has been highly controversial. Last month, a committee formed to look at the issue, recommended ending the county's contract with R&R.

The owner of R&R Research had a chance to make a final pitch to the Board of Commissions this afternoon, but the board decided to end the controversial contract.

Sandy Carlton with the Concerned Citizens Coalition says she is relieved, but citizens now have to do their part to help the animal shelter succeed. "It's succeeded in other counties, but we still have work to do. We're glad this happened. Very happy. It's a big step."

Sadie's Place Needs Vet Bill Help Quickly

I am posting this appeal in the hopes that some very urgently needed financial assistance be received by a dear friend and fellow rescuer Deb Hinkle of Sadie's Place, a 501c3 rescue organization in Kentucky.

Deb Hinkle has assisted me in several rescues many, many times. She works very hard for the animals in her area of rural Eastern KY.

As Deb so accurately puts it, "The work we do is a lot like a M.A.S.H. unit. We get these poor animals most often in terrible shape, nurse them back the best we can and get them ready for their new lives. It's a tough situation in this part of KY. So many animals, very few resources and no local help."

Deb's vet will not let her bring in any more animals until she gets some of her outstanding bill paid off. Her bill is over $4000 right now. There is a ChipIn event on the homepage of her site for $2500 (also below - scroll down). If she can get that much to her vet, all will be OK again. The rest she can pay off a little at a time.

Deb also runs transports to the northeast on a regular basis and saves a lot of lives doing it.

Can anyone help her with this outstanding vet bill so she can continue helping Eastern KY animals? If so, you can use the ChipIn on the homepage or call her vet directly at the Tri-County Animal Clinic 606-673-1144.

You can email Deb at [kentuckydeb @ ] if you have any questions about the vet bill or dogs on her site.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this important appeal!

Cat Baths

Cats are great for their unforgettable expressions during bath time. Enjoy these classics!

A few thoughts on cat baths... by the cat!

"But You Said You Loved Me!"

"You will pay for this!"

"You call this water warm???"

"I don't think I like you anymore."

"You - - - - !!!!!!"

"E.T. phone home......quick!"

"No, I'm not your Good Little Kitty anymore."

"Traction...I'm losing Traction!"

"I want my Mom mmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!"

"No, no, no, no.....NOOOOOO!"

Planting a Forest of Love

My friend and fellow rescuer Barbara McGrady of S.P.A. Ohio recently published the first issue of her new monthly e-newsletter called e-notions. Below are a few stories from the May '09 issue that I thought you would enjoy...

It is everyone's responsibility to make a difference.
Everyone is born with their compassion switch in the "ON" position.
As we begin to experience life, most of us learn quickly that it hurts to open up...

It hurts to feel.


~December 2004~
Ben is a compassionate young man

Jo Jo's front legs were run over by a truck.
Ben Lewis collected money for Jo Jo
and made him a BEAUTIFUL Get Well Card!

Ben is shown above with his buddy, Jo Jo
after surgery had been performed by OSU.

Ben had seen Jo Jo's story in the newspaper
and told his mother he wanted to help Jo Jo, somehow.
He wanted to make a difference.

Consequently, many turn their compassion switch to the "OFF" position.
It is less painful to "not" feel.
It is less painful to simply look the other way.

It seems that our society is becoming less and less compassionate.
S.P.A. believes that we, as rescuers, are much like Johnny Appleseed,
carrying a satchel on our backs filled with tiny seeds of compassion.

Leonardo was born without eyes
and he had a serious heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot.
S.P.A. took him to Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine
in an effort to extend his life, which is where he died at one year old.
While he lived, he was loved.
He touched our lives in a way we shall never forget.


It takes trees many years to grow, but eventually,
they produce fruit and more seeds germinate
and soon one tree begets two trees begets eight trees...
A single tree can create a forest... in time.
This is a very important time, right now.

Plant as many seeds of compassion as possible.
It may take awhile,
but each seed that is planted
throughout the course of each day,
will eventually mature and touch hundreds,
if not thousands of living beings,
in ways we can only begin to imagine.


Reprinted with permission.
"e-notion provided by S.P.A. -"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Buying from a Pet Store

On Monday, April 27, 2009, the Columbus Dispatch website started a poll asking the question:

The Hot Issue: Do you feel comfortable acquiring a pet from a pet store?

The poll is still ongoing at the time of this post. Simply click on the question above to review current results and comments or vote and comment yourself.

I have been in animal rescue for more than 40 years.

Did you know that most puppies sold at pet stores end up being surrendered to a local pound or shelter? The reason ... These dogs have numerous health problems, a direct result of BAD breeding, and most have behavioral issues that are caused by improper socialization, thus causing the "PHYSCO" dog that very few people take the time to work with. Consequently, most of these animals are dumped at the pound by the owner and end up being euthanized. It isn't fair to a prospective adopter to adopt an animal that has genetic health problems or can turn into "CUJO" in a heartbeat.

So yes, ladies and gentlemen ... these animals are destroyed every day. Their only crime was being born in a puppy mill, sold to a pet store, and the ignorant consumers who continue to buy them creating the "supply and demand."

If you want a specific breed, then by all means find yourself a good, certified breeder... not one who's advertising in the local newspaper or on Craig's List. Good breeders DON'T have to do that. Also, check out the local breed specific rescues in your area and check the pound as well. These dogs have passed the test for being "adoptable."

Also, the most important thing is to RESEARCH the breed before you buy or adopt. Just because a dog is cute or your neighbors have one doesn't mean that it's going to fit into your home or lifestyle.

If you were turned down for adoption at the pound or by a rescue, ask yourself these questions before you run out to the local pet store to buy a puppy:
  1. Is this dog suitable for my lifestyle?
  2. Do I really have the time for it?
  3. Can I afford grooming, training, and the required vetting expenses, and proper food associated with his breed?
  4. Do I have adequate facilities for this animal?

If you've been turned down to adopt, then you haven't been able to answer "YES" to the above questions. Therefore, you should give great consideration and thought before you decide to rush out and buy from a "backyard breeder" or pet store. Just because they made it easy for you to buy doesn't mean you'll ever be able to answer YES to these questions.

So, PLEASE be part of the solution, NOT part of the problem.

Another Happy Pit Bull Story

ASPCA Happy Tails: Mercury Rising

Though ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement officers get the satisfaction of seeing homeless and abused pets rescued, they don't always get to see how their work impacts the lives of adopters. On December 2, 2008, while investigating a deceased dog left in the yard of a North Bronx apartment complex, Special Agent Henry Ruiz found four pit bull mixes locked in undersized crates, setting in motion a story that would forever change one New York City cancer survivor's life.

Suspecting a dog fighting operation, Ruiz did the only thing he could legally do at the time. He warned the alleged owner to replace the crates with larger ones and took photos of each dog. One of them, two-year-old Mercury, caught his eye. "She had a beautiful, friendly face. She certainly wasn't a fighter," Ruiz recalls. "I had a gut feeling that I'd be seizing these animals and taking them to a better place."

Ruiz got his chance on New Year's Eve, when an informant tipped him off that the dogs had been moved to a vacant apartment. He wasted no time in having the unattended dogs seized and relocated from the city shelter to the ASPCA's Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital, where they were all found to be severely emaciated.

By mid February, Mercury had experienced a 78 percent increase in body weight, and was soon ready to be adopted. Enter Queens resident Audrey Harrison, who visited the ASPCA Adoption Center on March 31. Audrey was fighting breast cancer for the second time and, as she put it, "The chemo was kicking my butt!" She'd just been discharged from a week-long hospital stay and was determined to go home with the dog of her dreams. Guess whom she fell in love with?
Mercury—now a 46-pound lap dog whose many loves include human feet (with or without shoes) and any game that involves a ball—is leaving her past in the dust and having a wonderfully healing effect on her new mom.

"My oncologist thinks it's fabulous that I adopted Mercury!" Harrison enthuses. "I can't do strenuous exercise, but I love getting up early to walk her. Because of her, my energy's up and my outlook's bright."

P.S. The pups rescued along with Mercury were adopted into loving homes, too.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

You've Got a Friend

This is beautiful tribute to our pets... our FRIENDS!

You've Got a Friend

Important Note to our Adopters

The following was seen on a NJ shelter's Petfinder page. It's author, who is unknown, could not have said it better!

Important Note to our Adopters:

Lassie, Cleo, Rin Tin Tin and Toto don't show up at our shelter. We don't get the elegantly coiffed, classically beautiful, completely trained, perfectly behaved dog. We get the leftovers. Dogs that other people have incompetently bred, inadequately socialized, ineffectively "trained," and badly treated. Most shelter dogs have had it. They've been pushed from one lousy situation to another. They've never had proper veterinary care, kind and consistent training, or sufficient company. They've lived outside, in a crate, or in the basement. They're scared, depressed and anxious. Some are angry. Some are sick. Some have given up.

But we are try our best and we don't give up. We know that a dog is a living being, with a spirit and a heart and feelings. Our dogs are not commodities, things, or garbage. They are part of sacred creation and they deserve as much love and care and respect as the next Westminster champion. So please, please don't come to our shelter in the hopes of getting a "bargain," or the idea of "getting" just anything.

Come to our shelter to give, to love, to save a life -- and to mend your own spirit. For adoption will reward you in ways you never thought possible. I can promise you this -- a shelter dog will make you a better person.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Waterskiing Squirrel

You're going to LOVE this little guy! Enjoy...

Hard-Hitting Wolf Ads Greet Palin in Indiana

Update from Defenders of Wildlife...

APRIL 15, 2009

WASHINGTON – When Gov. Sarah Palin arrives in Evansville, Ind. tomorrow, she will be greeted by the latest installment of Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund’s Eye on Palin campaign. TV and print ads will run all day on April 16, 2009 to ensure that Evansville residents are aware that she promotes the shooting of wolves from airplanes, as well as gassing wolf pups in their dens.

“Since Governor Palin is making the rounds pushing her own agenda, we wanted to give residents of Evansville the full picture and highlight the more extreme portions of her agenda,” commented Defenders Action Fund President Rodger Schlickeisen. “Whatever she may say on her trips across the Lower 48, Governor Palin’s aggressive pursuit of increasingly extreme wildlife policies, such as the shooting of wolves from airplanes and gassing wolf pups in their dens, places her values well outside those held by most Americans.”

Launched in January 2009, was set up to track Governor Palin’s extreme anti-conservation agenda. In less than three months since the website launched, Palin’s administration and the Board of Game have approved, among many things, the use of helicopters by private hunters to shoot wolves and the use of poison gas to kill wolves and their pups in their dens. They have even butted heads with the National Park Service over their decision to shoot wolves that largely reside in a National Preserve, some of which were part of a years-long scientific study.

“Governor Palin is pursuing her anti-science, anti-conservation policies in Alaska at breakneck speed. So while they’re shaking hands with the Governor, we hope the residents of Evansville will also ask her about her extreme agenda,” continued Schlickeisen. “She hasn’t listened to the nearly 200 scientists and wildlife experts who wrote to her and asked her to stop her unjustified aerial killing program. Maybe she’ll listen to the good people of Indiana.”

Watch the TV Ad


The Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund ( provides a powerful voice in Washington to Americans who value our conservation heritage. Through grassroots lobbying, issue advocacy and political campaigns, the Action Fund champions those laws and lawmakers that protect wildlife and wild places while working against those that do them harm.

Update on Montcalm

Below are updates to the stories I've posted regarding the sale of homeless dogs and cats in Montcalm County, Michigan for research.

From Nancy Jean Rose:

As some of you may (or may not) know, the need to stop animals from being pulled from Montcalm Animal Shelter in MI for the purpose of being sold to experimental laboratories came to my attention last November. This has been a high priority for me. Over Christmas vacation I spent my time on the telephone with a contact in MI working on rescues. She spent endless hours of her time working on this situation. We are still waging war on Montcalm and R&R Research.

A lot of time, energy, and work as well as personal and financial sacrifice has gone into the rescue work of numerous rescue groups, transporters and individuals. There are many unknown and unsung heroes and heroines involved in this battle. Sometimes it was almost like hand-to-hand combat and fighting in the trenches. Especially when it came to dealing with R&R Research, the dealer in animal misery and those from the township managers who supported the owners of R&R. The whole situation stunk of graft and corruption wherein a number of people have profited for years on the misery, suffering and tortured deaths of former family pets and helpless, unwanted animals.

What started out as a small county skirmish has evolved into a magnificent effort of people throughout the country pulling together to stop an outrageous situation. This battle has had resounding repercussions throughout the nation. As a result, other states are now banning the sale of pound animals to "research" purveyors. Some veteranarian schools have stopped using live animals (that they would damage prior to teaching by inflicting horrible damage--sometimes while awake) in training future vets--prefering modern methods of teaching anatomy and wound repair. The USDA and Humane Society have become involved, as well as the Michigan state government.

Montcalm MI has become a modern day example of the "shot that was heard round the world."

Below is an update on the results of our accomplishments thus far. Please take time to read it. If you wish, sign the petitions and forward them to the proper people. Send this email forward to all you know. This is no time to relax--we will not win freedom from torture for the Montcalm animals if we do. We have to send a tidal wave, a veritable tsunami, of petition signatures to Montcalm and all other agencies involved before the final and most critical Commission Meeting next week.

Comment from Barbara McGrady:

I want to add my plea for anyone who can attend to please attend this rally and meeting! After having waged this battle for over 30 years, I can tell you that your presence at the last meeting was vital to getting us this far and we need you to push us over the top at the April 27th meeting.

Some commissioners are holding on tight to keeping the contract. Contrary to what they say about your opinion not counting, they are WRONG! Your voices are being heard and they are making a difference!

There are other reasons we want you to come as well. We would like to thank you in person for ALL you have done and if we should win this, we want you to be there to celebrate this victory which will belong to all of YOU as well as to the animals and residents of Montcalm County. A win in Montcalm will go far to secure an end to pound seizure throughout our state!

This is it folks! Let’s give it all we have!
For the Animals!

Commissioner’s Meeting & Rally
Monday April 27, 2009
11:00 AM (Rally)
Meeting 1:00 P.M.

Third Floor Administration Building (Old Court House)
211 W. Main Street
Stanton, MI 48888

Your presence helped us the first time and we needyou again. Even though the commissioners claim to not wantto hear from people outside the county, the truth is that whatothers think of our county is important to them and does have aneffect on their decision making, so please come.

We expect the commissioners will vote on the plan and the contract at this meeting. Please come and help us speak for the animals who cannot speak for themselves.MCCAW and CCC-Montcalm will be holding a rally on the Administration Building lawn from 11:00 AM until NOON.

The rally will be in support of ending pound release and toacknowledge all of you who helped get us this far. We could not have gotten to this point without you! Our goal is to conduct a peaceful and positive demonstration. You can bring your own sign if you wish, but we will have signs available. We want to make one last effort to sway some commissioner while not offending those who have been with us from the beginning.

Please...send this to all Michigan residents on your list who have ever loved an animal.

Please check for updates

Montcalm in the news:

USDA Investigating R&R Research

Commissioners Consider Shelter Plan April 27
R&R Research decision looms

Changes in Osceola County

The following is from the 4/7/09 Minutes from Osceola County,
Michigan Board of Commissioners meeting
and the Committee of the Whole minutes...

MOTION# 3G: Change in Animal Control Policy/Animals for Biomedical Research

Rescind the Animal Control policy of allowing animals to go for biomedical research and directed Michelle Kuz, Animal Control Director, to contact Cherryland and respond to an email regarding research. (Note: Reference seemingly is to Cheri-Hill)

Committee Minutes
April 7, 2009
County Policy Regarding Animal Research

Animal Control Director, Michelle Kuz, spoke to committee about bio medical research and the use of live animals for such research. She reported that Osceola County is one of only four counties in Michigan to participate in this program. She also reported a proposed House Bill will probably eliminate this practice in Michigan in the future. Michelle told committee members that no animals have been sent out for research since she became director. She has worked diligently on finding homes for the animals. Further discussion was held on whether to change our policy now, or just wait until the House passes the proposed Legislation. Karen Bluhm, County Clerk, reminded Commissioners of email correspondence they had received from an individual concerned about the County’s policy in this matter.

Recommendation by Commissioner Brooks, supported by Commissioner Tiedt to rescind the Animal Control policy of allowing animals to go for biomedical research and directed Michelle Kuz, Animal Control Director, to contact Cherryland and respond to an email regarding research. Recommendation was unanimously supported.

Dean is Available for Adoption at Montcalm County

Read more about the wonderful efforts of American Humane in Michigan

American Humane has worked hard for the animals of Michigan. House Bill 4663, Koda’s Law would ban the practice of allowing shelter cats and dogs to be used for experimental research. Additionally House Bill 4263, or the Humane Euthanasia of Shelter Animals Act, would ensure that when the state’s unwanted, sick or unadoptable shelter animals have to be euthanized, the procedure will only be done by injection of sodium pentobarbital. Please read and support their ongoing efforts.

Please sign/cross post to help reach the goal of 50,000 signatures

Stop Shelter Animals
From Being Sold for Research
Please Sign Petition from American Humane

Ban the Gas Chamber for Animals in Michigan Petition

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bunchers, the Dog Snatchers

A warning from Going To The Dogs...

It is Spring and warmer weather is coming. I would like to remind everyone, tell your friends, neighbors, relatives, everyone, NEVER EVER go away from home and leave your dog(s) outside. Put them in the house or basement, or a safe secured place out of the view of the public eye.

There are what is called "bunchers" that are continually out patrolling for dogs and yes "your" dog. Bunchers steal family pets. When they get a "bunch," they sell them to research for a hefty price. Average is $200-400 per dog. Domesticated dogs make the best dogs for research.

These ruthless people, monitor your area, your routine and watch for dogs for when they are left outside. They normally travel in pairs, one buncher drives, the other jumps out and snatches the dog.

Dog Pelts: Last month in Ohio, 14 dogs were found skinned and animal control felt their pelts could have been the reason. Pelts are put on cloths and are popular in many countries.

There are also dog fighters that gather dogs and cats and use them as bait to get their fighting dog ready for a fight. Dog fighting purses range from $20,000-$50,000 per fight.

There are also ruthless people that would snatch your dog and sell it on the black market for pets.

The economy is an issue and many are looking for ways to make money. I can't stress enough how important it is to secure your pets when your not home and watch them when you are home. A dog can be snatched in a matter of seconds.

There have already been reports of this in MI with a white van going around.

Thank You!

Visit Going To The Dogs at:

Sale of Montcalm County's Homeless Dogs and Cats for Vivisection

Below is an update on the effort to stop the sale of Montcalm County, Michigan's shelter dogs and cats to Vivisection for research.

If you are unfamiliar with this issue, please read my previous post from earlier this month.

The barrel is gone.
The momentum is back.

We're moving in on the class b dealer and he is in our sites! Our State Reps have two bills, HB4663, to eliminate pound seizure in the State of Michigan and HB4263, prohibiting euthanasia by gas in all state shelters.

Each and everyone of you who has helped are winners! WE ROCK!

** More Signatures Needed **

Ban Pound Seizure for the Animals in Michigan
Michigan House Bill 4663 will eliminate pound seizure in Michigan animal shelters. 31,647 signed with 50,000 as the goal! If you have not yet signed the petition:

Ban the Gas Chamber for Animals in Michigan!
Michigan House Bill 4263, the Humane Euthanasia of Shelter Animals Act, would ensure that when the state's unwanted, sick or unadoptable shelter animals have to be euthanized, the procedure will only be done by injection of sodium pentobarbital.

PETA Action Alert
Urge Montcalm County, Michigan, Officials to End Pound Seizure!


The Big Howl

In just a few weeks, the mass killing of wolves could begin in Idaho and Montana -- and not even newborn wolf pups and their nursing mothers will be spared.

We cannot stand by while this slaughter unfolds. On May 4, the wolf's federal protection will be lifted, and government agents will be free to open fire. After that, the states will launch public hunts, targeting wolves. We must act now to call off the guns!

That's why NRDC (National Resources Defense Council) is launching The Big Howl campaign to mobilize Americans everywhere to protect wolves in the Northern Rockies from the crossfire. Add your voice now to the campaign.

Tell Interior Secretary Salazar to reverse his decision to kick wolves off the endangered species list!

Obama Dog Cartoon

This animation is by Ann Telnaes on the Washington Post website in response to President Obama's decision to get a dog from a breeder. The cartoon says it all!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Presidential Pooch

Post from Mary O'Conner-Shaver of

Dear Companion Pet Lovers ~

The presidential pooch is set to make his public debut Tuesday, according to The pet apparently comes with quite the Democratic pedigree.

The Obamas have settled on a Portuguese water dog from a Texas breeder - the same breeder and doggie lineage as Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy's pets, the entertainment news service said.

The six month old puppy, Charlie, was originally sold to someone else, and then returned to the breeder. The dog will be "re-homed" with the Obamas and presented to the first family by the Kennedys. The "re-homing" avoids any issues with guidelines on presidential gifts, TMZ said. The Obama dog will also get a new name.

As the proud guardian to five rescued canine companions, I find this latest news incredibly disheartening given the exposure Obama received during Jana Kohl and Baby's book tour, "A Rare Breed of Love." Right after the election, when Obama said his family's "preference would be to get a shelter dog ... a mutt like me," I was ecstatic. I was one of thousands of supporters who signed an e-card to the Obamas thanking them just for considering a rescue dog. One signer suggested: "Your 'first pet' could become an international spokesdog for adoption!"

At a time when job losses and record foreclosures are forcing more families to surrender their pets, an adopted dog in the White House would be a huge boost for the estimated 6 million dogs and cats taken into shelters each year.

The president has said he must balance his preference for a shelter dog with the need for a dog that won't affect his daughter Malia's allergies. But allergies don't have to be a bar to rescuing an abandoned pup. We all know many dogs are hypoallergenic. Also, rescue groups specialize in abandoned dogs of just about every breed.

Obama's not going to solve the global economic crisis or nuclear proliferation this month. But his example sure could make a difference in the crisis of too many dogs and too few homes.It is my firm belief that going from pound puppy to first pet would mark the fastest rise since a certain first-term U.S. senator got elected president.

Mary O'Connor-Shaver
Columbus Top Dogs

Jo Ann's comments:

I'm with Mary. I think it's quite a betrayal for homeless dogs. As Mary said, there are plenty of "breed specific" rescues throughout the United States and their are lots of dogs that are hypoallergenic. Having a rescued shelter dog in the White House would be a tremendous boost for adoptions.

Obamas Get Pup From Texas Breeder


NEWSFLASH: Obamas Get Pup From Texas Breeder

We're disappointed that President Obama opted for a Portuguese water dog from a Texas breeder. After many rescue groups lobbied him to make the humane choice, he did the exact opposite...showing support for breeders and ultimately the puppy mill to pet store chain. Moreover, another shelter dog just inched closer to death.

If you feel the President let down dogs and his animal advocacy constituents -- mail, fax, phone or web-mail comments to:

President Barack Obama
The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500

comments: 202-456-1111; fax: 202-456-2461
web mail: http://www.whitehou

REFERENCES (leave comments by news stories and Google for more):
http://www.huffingt 2009/04/12/ obamas-new- dog-bo-a- gift-_n_185930. html
http://popwatch. 2009/04/barack- obama-do. html
http://weblogs. baltimoresun. com/features/ mutts/blog/ 2009/04/obama_ dog_bo_2. html
http://www.tmz. com/2009/ 04/11/white- house-obama- family-dog/

Gallipolis Ohio Bans Pit Bulls

News from the Animal Law Coalition...

The Gallipolis, Ohio City Commission has passed an ordinance banning pit bull breeds and mixes.

Specifically, any dog that "contains as an element of its breeding the breed of American Pit Bull Terrier, any Bull Terrier, any Staffordshire Terrier, or any American Staffordshire Terrier as to be identifiable as partially of the breed" of one of these breeds.


The ordinance says banned dogs will be confined by the dog warden or upon court order. The city says in practice owners caught with pit bull breeds or mixes will have 7 days to remove the dogs from the town.

That is, unless they demonstrate "vicious" behavior. In that event, police will seize and impound the dog. More likely, they will simply shoot the dog. The town defines "vicious" to mean behavior that causes any injury.

Failure to comply is a misdemeanor which can mean up to 6 months in jail and a $1000 fine.

This ordinance was prompted by injuries sustained by a 13 year old girl who entered the home of an owner of 2 pit bull dogs. The owner and his family were unaware the girl was in the home. She had apparently let herself in the door. When police arrived, they shot the dogs. The owner is a longtime pit bull breeder.

Canine Advocates of Ohio has requested police records to learn more about this incident.

One resident said that a neighbor has already reported her for having a pit bull. But her dog is a Poi. The determination about whether a dog is a pit bull breed is left to the police. It is reported that officers are now learning how to identify pit bull breeds and mixes as described by this ordinance. An impossible task.

Gallipolis is on the Ohio and West Virginia border.


Please write, fax and email city commissioners and urge them to repeal NOW the breed ban. Use the information below as talking points. Please be polite.

Contact Information

To mail a letter to the Gallipolis City Commission, City Manager or City Solicitor:

Municipal Building
Attention: Gallipolis City Commission, City Manager and/or City Solicitor
518 Second Avenue
Gallipolis , Ohio 45631

City Manager C. Joseph Woodall,

FAX a letter to the Gallipolis City Commission, City Manager and City Solicitor - (740) 441-2070


City Clerk Annette M. Landers: (740) 441-6004
C. Joseph Woodall, City Manager: (740) 446-1789
Brent Saunders, City Solicitor: (740) 441-6030

Ohio law already defines a "vicious" dog to include "pit bulls". These dogs already live in Ohio with onerous restrictions as a result.

BSL does not work.

Breed specific legislation simply does not make communities safe from dog bites or attacks. Dogs don't bite because of breed. Dogs bite because they are afraid, and that is almost always because of poor socialization and lack of positive training, isolation on a chain, abuse, neglect or other negligent or criminal acts of the owner.

BSL penalizes responsible owners and has resulted in the needless deaths of thousands of family pets. In fact, untold numbers of non-pit bull dogs have died because it is virtually impossible for anyone to look at a dog and identify its breed or mix of breeds. More than 20 different breeds have been mistaken for pit bulls. And, these dogs thought to be pit bulls or mixes are many times made up of many different breeds.

The cost of this proposed law will be substantial for taxpayers.

There will be substantial cost to Gallipolis as a result of this law which is based on a myth that breed is predictive of danger. A pit bull ban means additional police and animal control workers for identification and enforcement and litigation, sheltering, vet care and other costs of care for restricted breeds that have been impounded and must be held pending hearings; less in licensing fees as owners decline to register restricted breeds for fear of not being able to afford or follow through on restrictions; an increase in restricted breeds in shelters in surrounding communities, less shelter and resources for other animals that are euthanized.

A huge potential cost in a tough economic time.

Send this link to Gallipolis officials: "What Your Community Leaders Need to Know About BSL" Tell them it is impossible to predict a dog's behavior based on breed or appearance. Urge them to take steps to address the reasons dogs bite.

Help End Cruel Experiments on Animals

I am not in the habit of soliciting donations. However, I felt this should also be included with the rest of the posts regarding experiments on animals. Any form of help for these poor animals, whether it's financial, writing letters to state and local officials, signing petitions or just forwarding an e-mail that you received will be greatly appreciated.

Jo Ann

PETA's plea for your help..

Without question, testing products on animals is outdated, bad science. It is also horribly cruel. Right now, countless individual animals—including dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, chimpanzees and other primates as well as many other animals—are suffering in laboratories. Animals are force-fed cosmetics and household cleaners and are injected with toxic chemicals. Dogs are forced to suffer heart attacks, mice are infected with massive tumors, and holes are drilled into the skulls of baby monkeys so that electrodes can be inserted into their brains.

There is no rationale beyond the "we've always done it this way" excuse that experimenters use to justify their cruelty to animals … particularly when non-animal test methods are not only less cruel but also cheaper and far more effective in predicting results in people.Together, we are making significant progress, but we need your help again today to stop this wanton abuse and madness. Through the hard work of our research and scientific staff and activists throughout Europe, we've recently won a major victory there that will spare the lives of tens of thousands of animals who would otherwise suffer in painful skin-irritation tests—in which rabbits and other animals have toxic chemicals rubbed onto their abraded and sensitive skin. Thanks in part to our efforts, new cruelty-free tests have been formally endorsed by the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods as a complete replacement for the cruel animal skin test. This means that animals shouldn't be used in the vast majority of skin-irritation tests in Europe in the future.

As a result of this and other recent successes, we are in a stronger position than ever before to persuade the new U.S. administration to follow suit and approve more non-animal tests for use in America's laboratories. But to save animals' lives, we must move quickly. Please help us win this battle and others like it by making a tax-deductible gift today. We need your help in order to stop these and other painful animal tests and prevent thousands more animals from suffering and dying.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Sanctuary of 500 Cats

Introduction to this truly unique no-cage, no-kill cat & dog sanctuary in Parlier, California.

Animal Protection Coalition Asks Court to Uphold New Pennsylvania Puppy Mill Law

HARRISBURG, Pa. (April 3, 2009) -Today, a coalition of humane organizations filed a "friend of the court" brief in a lawsuit brought by the Professional Dog Breeders Advisory Council ("PDBAC") challenging Pennsylvania's Act 119 of 2008.

The groups include The Humane Society of the United States, The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, The Humane League of Lancaster County, Main Line Animal Rescue, Pennsylvania Legislative Animal Network, The Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and New Jersey Consumers Against Pet Shop Abuse.

Act 119 amended Pennsylvania's Dog Law to require that puppy mills comply with basic humane requirements in the care of the dogs kept in their facilities.

Gov. Ed Rendell signed the legislation in October after a long campaign that generated national media attention. It was enacted to address the deplorable conditions present in Pennsylvania's numerous commercial dog-breeding operations, including filthy stacked wire cages where breeding dogs may spend their entire lives, total lack of exercise for the dogs, and inadequate or no veterinary care.

The Act addresses these problems by, among other things, creating new standards for cage size, eliminating wire flooring which damages dogs' feet, mandating exercise opportunities for the dogs, and requiring regular veterinary care. Raids of puppy mills last year - including one in late September that was reputedly the largest in state history - had shown the critical need for stronger regulation of less-than-reputable kennels. Pennsylvania has been tarnished with the reputation of being one of the worst puppy mill states in the nation.

The PDBAC claims that Act 119 infringes on its members' constitutional rights, and that commercial breeders should be immune from inspection of their facilities. In their brief to the court, the groups explain that the Constitution unquestionably permits the State to regulate this industry for the benefit of the dogs, and to inspect the facilities to ensure that the facilities are in compliance with the minimal requirements in the law.

Statements from the organizations filing the brief:

"Puppy mills have been a hidden industry in Pennsylvania for too long," said Kathleen Summers, director of the puppy mills campaign for The Humane Society of the United States. "Truly reputable breeders know that puppy mills give their fancy a black eye; they should stand up for Act 119 and the protections it provides for dogs."

"Pennsylvania's citizens and the state legislature spoke loudly and clearly last October," said Cori A. Menkin, senior director of legislative initiatives for the ASPCA. "We believe that there is no merit to the claims made by the PDBAC, and it is just a last ditch attempt at derailing these much-needed and long-overdue changes to Pennsylvania's Dog Law."

"This lawsuit brought by the Professional Dog Breeders Advisory Council to avoid complying with the new Dog Law is not a Constitutional argument, but a pathetic attempt to keep the status quo in commercial kennels," said Mary Jo McClain of the Pennsylvania Legislative Animal Network.

"We are pleased to be part of this coalition supporting the enforcement of Act 119, a long overdue step towards eliminating cruel and inhumane breeding practices in Pennsylvania," said Joan E. Brown, president of Humane League of Lancaster County.

"MLAR is committed to upholding Act 119 against any and all actions by the commercial dog breeders in their attempts to weaken our new laws and allow the dogs in Pennsylvania's commercial breeding kennels to continue to suffer," said Bill Smith of Main Line Animal Rescue.

"Since its inception in 2002, NJCAPSA has tracked Pennsylvania's breeders due to almost half of New Jersey's pet shops purchase their puppy inventory from Pennsylvania," explains Libby Williams of New Jersey Consumers Against Pet Shop Abuse. "Sick puppies bred in Pennsylvania puppy mills adversely affect consumers in the tri-state area and beyond."

"The PSPCA investigates and prosecutes animal cruelty across the Commonwealth," says Beth Anne Smith-White, PSPCA's acting CEO. "We have, and will continue to, stand behind Act 119 as a reasonable and effective means of preventing animal cruelty in the large-scale breeding operations that flourish in our state."

Copies of the brief, as well as of PDBAC's Complaint, are available upon request.

Media Contacts:
Martin Montorfano/HSUS: 301-258-3152,
The Humane Society of the United States
ASPCA® (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals®)
Pennsylvania Legislative Animal Network
The Humane League of Lancaster County
Main Line Animal Rescue
New Jersey Consumers Against Pet Shop Abuse
PSPCA (Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)

Making a Difference for Ohio Puppy Mill Dogs

April 4, 2009


On March 17, 2009, members of The Humane Society of the United States and other consumers filed a class action lawsuit alleging that Petland, Inc. and the Hunte Corporation are conspiring to sell unhealthy puppy mill puppies to unsuspecting consumers in numerous states. The lawsuit, filed in federal district court in Phoenix, alleges that Petland and Hunte violated federal law and numerous state consumer protection laws by misleading thousands of consumers across the country into believing that the puppies sold in Petland stores are healthy and come from high-quality breeders.

Founded in 1967 and headquartered in Chillicothe, Ohio, Petland, Inc. currently has 140 stores in the United States and 63 in foreign markets. Founded in 1991 and headquartered in Goodman, Missouri, Hunte Corporation buys and sells purebred puppies for markets in 30 states that include Ohio, Illinois and Florida.

According to Dean Vickers, HSUS State Coordinator for Ohio, “The class action lawsuit is the result of many months of investigative and legal research, and comes after an eight-month investigation into Petland stores by The HSUS that demonstrated a direct link between multiple Petland stores and unscrupulous puppy mills. Numerous other reports have also surfaced of Petland's allegedly deceptive sales practices, including the marketing and sale of puppies with life-threatening genetic defects and highly contagious parasitic and viral infections. “

In response to findings revealed during the HSUS investigation, Bark Til Dark Dog Park will be hosting a “Hope. Change. Making a Difference for Ohio Puppy Mill Dogs” party on Sunday, April 19, 2009 from 11:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Bark Til Dark Dog Park in Delaware, Ohio. The entrance fee is $10 per family to enter the park.

Guests will have an opportunity to meet Dean Vickers, HSUS State Director for Ohio, and learn more about the new Ohio Puppy Mill Bill soon to be introduced by Representatives Cheryl Grossman and Carlton Weddington. Food will be provided by Massey's Pizza and all guests can enter a raffle to win a $50 American Express Gift Card, courtesy of Columbus Top Dogs. All proceeds will benefit the HSUS Legislative Fund.

Bark Til Dark Dog Park, based in Delaware, Ohio, is a private, off-leash dog park with six fenced acres and an acre pond. The park is open seven days a week, year round, and is host to monthly “Mingle with Your Mutts” adoption events. Owners must provide their dog's up-to-date vaccination records, including proof of spay/neuter. Children must be 12 years or older to enter the park.

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is the nation's largest animal protection organization — backed by 10.5 million Americans. For more than a half-century, The HSUS has been fighting for the protection of all animals through advocacy, education, and hands-on programs.

For More Information:
Missi Hamilton
Bark Til Dark Dog Park
(740) 369-9170

Monday, April 6, 2009

Rat Loves Cat

Rat loves cat... cat tolerates rat. A really cute interspecies relationship!

Stop Shelter Animals From Being Sold for Research!

The American Humane Association has started a Care2 petition that relates to my previous post this month, Cruelty in Montcalm County MI Must Come to an End.

A small handful of people, myself included, have been working very hard to stop the practice of selling shelter animals to research labs in Michigan.

I DO NOT live in Michigan, however, this is a practice that still goes on throughout the United States. If we can get this bill passed in Michigan, it will help stop this practice in other states as well.

It has been proven that experiments conducted on animals have little to NO effect on humans.

These animals are "tortured" repeatedly without anesthesia. They have surgical procedures done, limbs amputated, organs removed, their skulls are cut open to observe the brain after being given certain drugs .... and all without ANESTHESIA. Most die in agony right there on the operating table, those that survive are simply euthanized, thrown in a plastic bag, and hauled out to the trash. And yes, some are just left to die on there own. It's "cheaper" that way.

Once again, it has been proven that these barbaric and inhumane procedures performed on animals have no direct correlation to the "human" body.

Why do they continue this practice? It's simple.... GREED. Research labs receive millions of dollars each year from our government (your tax money) to conduct research on new drugs and procedures, which once again, has little to no meaning on the human body. Shelters and pounds can receive up to $200.00, per animal, that is sold to a research facility.

Please sign the petition and send a link to everyone you know. Help US to help them. We MUST stop this barbaric and inhumane treatment of our companion animals.

The Petition
Michigan House Bill 4663 will eliminate pound seizure in Michigan animal shelters. Pound seizure is the practice of allowing shelter cats and dogs to be used in experimental research. HB 4663, called "Koda's Law," is named after a shelter dog that, instead of being placed for adoption, was sold to a USDA Class B Dealer (animal broker) and resold to the University of Michigan, where he was used in the university's Advanced Trauma Life Support Class, and then euthanized. Koda's former family believed that taking him to a shelter would allow him another opportunity to find a home and did not know he would be used in a research experiment. Sadly, this happens to far too many shelter cats and dogs in Michigan.

They need 50,000 signatures. Please take a moment to sign this important Care2 petition TODAY!

Thank you,
Jo Ann & "Gang"

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Urge President Obama to Stand Up for Wolves

From Defenders of Wildlife...

On Thursday -- just one year after the famous wolf Limpy was shot and killed just outside Yellowstone National Park -- President Obama’s pick as Secretary of the Interior, Ken Salazar, has taken it upon himself to eliminate Endangered Species Act protections for wolves in Greater Yellowstone, the Northern Rockies and other parts of the American West!

As a result of Salazar’s action, more than 1,000 wolves in Idaho and Montana could be killed by people like Idaho Governor Butch Otter, who recently reaffirmed that he wants to be one of the first to shoot a wolf.

Thanks to the help of supporters like you, Defenders of Wildlife is already preparing legal action to save the lives of other wolves like Limpy. But today I need your help to let as many people as possible know about this awful plan before May 4th, when the federal protections are lifted and the wolf killing can resume.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cruelty in Montcalm County MI Must Come to an END

The letter below comes from a dear friend Nancy Jean Rose and rescuer who has been actively involved in helping to end the collection of dogs and cats in local pounds for use by R&R Research.

With the help of many rescuers and concerned citizens, we've made great strides -- but more help is needed. Nancy is asking for your assistance by APRIL 13th!

Please read the letter below for the details:

For those of you who have not been following this, there has been a tremendous fight going on in Montcalm Co. MI. Last November a terrible, unjust and cruel situation was brought to the attention of rescuers nationwide. My husband, Don, and I were some of the first rescuers in the country to respond to the situation by rescuing and sponsoring four dogs from the facility. We felt like guerrillas in a war zone trying to get the dogs out of Montcalm. At one point, one of our dogs was kidnapped! And we had to fight to get him back. This is a very real situation.

For years R&R Research (a family hierarchy) has been collecting animals from the local pound--cats and dogs who had been taken there by owners to find new homes, those who had been spoken for by rescue groups and were awaiting rescue transport, those who had been rescued from abusive situations and strays--and selling them (for HUGE profit) to research institutions where they perpetually were uselessly abused, tortured and finally killed.

Imagine turning your pet over to someone who wants to conduct an experiment on them to answer a question such as: What happens to the animal when I repeatedly spray acid in it's eyes? OR (better yet) What happens to the animal when I set it on fire? Or even cut open for some nonsensical reason. (Keep in mind, that these animals are ALIVE and AWAKE when these experiments are conducted.)

Sometimes these experiments have been conducted in the name of "medical research." New research shows that conducting "medical research" on animals is a useless endeavor since there is very little correlation between animal and human response to drugs, etc. The local Michigan veterinary college has stopped using live animals to train their future vets, preferring dummies instead.

Even though we are almost at the finish line of this dispute, apparently there still needs to be a great, huge push to see that justice and mercy is finally extended to the animals in Montcalm Co. MI. Join the fight. Please respond to the suggestions below to help stop this criminal activity. I am also forwarding an email listing Wood-TV public opinion sites where you can politely voice your feelings on the subject. The public conscience must be aroused and their breasts filled with indignation and anger because the politicos involved in the proceedings have gone to obvious unjust extremes to keep R&R Research involved with the county pound.

Please forward this information to all you know. This cruelty must be brought to an end.

We Need Your Help Once Again
Your voices have helped make this happen

The Blue Ribbon Committee voted to have the board of commissioners re-evaluate the contract with the Montcalm County Shelter & R&R research.

Thanks to Dr. Carpenter, Fran Schuleit, Rhonda Waldorf, and Steve Crouse they have come up with UNDISPUTABLE reasons to END IT NOW!

We are in need of your polite letters and faxes to the commissioners before their meeting on April 13th to vote on the contract

(Contact info below)

Some points to mention in your letters and faxes:

Animal shelter recommendations

Recommendations for the Montcalm County Animal Shelter that the County Board of Commissioners will consider on April 13:

Citizens advisory board
The board would help with fundraising, goal planning, updating the policy and procedure manual, establish a responsible pet ownership education program, work with rescue groups and community leaders, assist with adoption protocols and advertising animals up for adoption. Initial members would be Animal Control Director Patty Lentz, Fran Schuleit of Greenville, Dr. Randy Carpenter of Greenville, Rhonda Waldorf of Sheridan, District 1 County Commissioner Ron Blanding, a member of the veterinary advisory board and a county resident at large.

Veterinary advisory board
Local veterinarians would consult with shelter staff on health and safety issues for animals and pet sterilization. Initial members would be three veterinarians from the county, a citizens advisory board member and Lentz.

Action plan for policies and procedures
• Implement a new software program already purchased to track animals in the shelter by April 30.

• Begin using a new microchip scanner that was donated.

• Get new signs.

• Purchase a secured safe to hold euthanization drugs.

• Provide more office space.

• Build kennel partitions

• Install eye wash stations.

• Provide a new medical room to be set up by the veterinary advisory board.

• Complete staff training on officer safety, animal bites, cleaning, adoptions procedure, transportation, when to involve police, emergencies, dog fighting, when to involve the DNR, use of restraints, temperament testing and nutrition.

• Allow the citizens advisory board to review the county's recently amended animal control ordinance again.

• Install water bowls in each kennel and do away with the existing spigot system.

• Follow up to make sure people who adopt a pet get it spayed or neutered.

• Improve community outreach by working on education materials, launching a Web site and educating the community about pet ownership.

• Encourage philanthropy by launching endowment through a local community foundation.

Disposal of animals
Have animal carcasses cremated at Sleepy Hollow Pet Cemetery in Byron Center or in a crematorium that can be donated instead of giving them to R&R Research to sell.

Disposition of animals
Work better with other animal shelters and rescue groups to ensure more animals are adopted. People could take their animals back from the shelter and bring them to a research institution if they choose

Panel Discusses Ending Animal Research Contract March 25, 2009

We need letters mailed or faxed to the Commissioners
(an e-mail is too easy to delete).

Please write, fax or call today.

Fax # for the commissioners - 989-831-7375

District 1- Ron Blanding
403 W High Street
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 225-7972

District 2- Tom Lindeman
8060 S. Backus Road
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-4918

District 3- Ron Retzloff
786 S. Senator Rd.
Crystal, MI 48818
(989) 235-6827

District 4- John Johansen
3503 S. Monroe Rd.
Greenville, MI 48838
(616) 754-5375

District 5- Carl Paepke
18419 Stanton Rd. NW
Pierson, MI 49339
(616) 636-5692

District 6- Ron Baker
PO Box 91
Howard City, MI 49329
(231) 937-5465

District 7- Pat Carr
10397 Almy Rd.
Lakeview, MI 48850
(989) 352-8129

District 8- Roger Caris
8984 E. Deaner Rd.
Vestaburg, MI 48891
(989) 268-5875

District 9-Steven Crouse
8701 Session Rd
Carson City, MI 48811(989) 235-4696

-Stop Taking Our Pets
(coming soon)

Send a Thank You!

SEND A THANK YOU! 250 Dogs Saved by White County Sheriffs!

Petition sponsored by ASPCA

Here is a happy ending for puppy mill dogs! The White County Sheriff's Department in Tennessee recently rescued more than 250 dogs from a local puppy mill.

The dogs are small breeds, most under 20 pounds, and were rescued from malnourishment, dehydration, and a host of upsetting medical conditions. The rescued dogs are now safely housed in an emergency shelter.

Let White County know how much we appreciate their efforts -- sign the thank you letter!

Urge House to Pass Anti-Horse Slaughter Bill

Ask President Obama to urge Congress to support the Prevention of Equine Cruelty Act.

Petition sponsored by ASPCA.

Horses have been our trusted companions and are a historically significant part of American culture. They deserve a more dignified end to their lives than to be inhumanely slaughtered and served for dinner.

H.R. 503 would put an end to this practice by prohibiting the transport of America's horses to foreign countries for slaughter. Ask President Obama today to urge Congress to support H.R. 503!

Sign the petition and tell a friend.