Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Nutritional Know-How by Cesar

This is a great pet nutrition article by Cesar Millan that is also featured in the October issue of Cesar's Way Magazine:

Nutritional Know-How: A to Z

100 Expert Nutrition Tips for a Happy & Healthy Pet

This article was suggested to me by its publisher Ken Martin. I found it to be very thorough and well put together. I hope you find it useful:

100 Expert Nutrition Tips for a Happy & Healthy Pet

20 Parrot Tricks in 2 Minutes

Just fantastic! I hope you enjoy this very talented duo!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Breeder Gases 93 Dogs in Makeshift Gas Chamber


David Yoder must be prosecuted for this horrific act of animal abuse. Just to lose his kennel license is NOT enough.

Please take time to read, sign, and pass on to others.

Thank you.
Jo Ann

David and Barbara Yoder of Black Diamond Acres kennel in Seneca County, New York, decided to "depopulate" their kennel. David Yoder created a makeshift gas chamber out of a wooden whelping box (a wooden box usually used as a safe place for birthing dogs) retrofitted with a metal door and a three-horsepower engine. Filling the box with five or six dogs at a time, he pumped in carbon monoxide, walked away so he wouldn't get a headache, then came back a few minutes later to see if the dogs were dead. He repeated this cruel process over and over again, killing a total of 78 dogs and 15 puppies.

Following the massacre, the USDA told the Yoders that euthanasia needs to be performed by a vet, and the kennel's license was cancelled. It's too little, too late. The Yoders need to be prosecuted for animal cruelty.

Tell the Seneca County District Attorney to prosecute the Yoders to full extent of the law.

Photo credit: In Defense of Animals

To sign the petition, please visit:

Read more at:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Opportunity to Overcome

Dear Readers:

The following story was sent to me by a good friend, and I felt it was truly worth sharing as we seldom see anything good written about a Pit Bull. I am thankful that it has received such an overwhelming response!

I want to thank everyone who left comments on this article. Although I wish I could take credit for this rescue, it was actually an Animal Control Officer who is the real HERO, here.

Unfortunately, I don't know the name of this person, nor do I know where the story originated from. It only says "Washington", which could mean just about anywhere. So, if any of you should stumble across more information, PLEASE share it with us. If I should find out more, I'll do the same.

Again, so sorry if it was misleading to my readers. Even though I've had a hand in helping to save many a bully breed, I can't take credit for this one. The ACO who was called to pick up the dogs is the "true" HERO for this Happy Ending.

I am, however, overwhelmed by the response I received. It is truly heartwarming to know that there are people out here who have looked past the stigma of the word "PIT BULL" and have shared their wonderful stories and experiences with these amazing dogs.

As I said, all too often, we hear and see only the negative aspects of the "Bully Breed".

Hopefully, My Pet Rescue Blog has shared some of the more POSITIVE sides to these dogs and is helping to erase the stigma attached to the breed.

Please keep sharing these wonderful stories about your own Pit Bulls. Hopefully, one of these days, we can convenience our lawmakers, law enforcement, and our communities that it is NOT the breed but rather the irresponsible, and sometimes cruel, "human" who is to blame. PUNISH THE DEED, NOT THE BREED.

My best to all of you.

Jo Ann & "gang"


I am a Pennsylvania State Dog Warden and I received a call concerning two strays that showed up on a front porch early one morning.

When I got there, this is who greeted me:

A female Pit Bull and a male Chihuahua.
The Chihuahua was guarding the Pit Bull!!!

They looked to have been on their own for a while. The Chihuahua was missing fur and the Pit Bull had an injured paw.

I was able to slip a leash over the Pit Bull and walk her into a cage and put her in my truck.

However, the Chihuahua would not allow me to get near him but would not leave the Pit Bull behind…….So I thought of a plan to get the Chihuahua into my truck.

My first option was to make a ramp by using a board.

This proved to be a bit too challenging for the little guy.

I found a stool and it worked like a charm! Perfect! He was in!

Once on the tailgate though, the Chihuahua would not let me get near without putting up a fuss!

Every time I neared, he would bark and snarl, cautioning me to stay away. If I came too close he would jump off and we would start all over again. So I sat on the ground, about 25 feet away, and slowly scooted my way over, all the time having a conversation with a Chihuahua that was guarding a Pit Bull!

Eventually he let me get close enough so we could have a face to face & heart to heart discussion.

I told him that his intentions were very noble and would not go unrewarded for the both of them.

-- Unfortunately with the abundance of Pit Bulls and general misunderstanding of the breed, they are not easily adopted and when found by a Dog Warden, Animal Control officer or Dog Catcher, they usually end up at an Animal Control facility that holds them for 48 hours. If they are not claimed, they are euthanized. However due to this little guy’s tenacity and I do believe true affection for his Pit Bull lady, I was not going to let that happen. --

So with my promise to be their protector, he let me pick him up.

However he wanted nothing to do with separate cages. So together they went!

I took the Chihuahua, his Pit Bull and their story to the Washington County Humane Society.

It took some time to get them into the shelter, not because of who they were, but due to lack of space. Their story of dedication and should I dare say love won the hearts of everyone who came in contact with them. Eventually a space was set up for them in a restroom in the lobby and they settled in. The shelter intends to find them a home that they can share together.

The happy ending to this story is not a typical one for most Pit Bulls who are running at large.

It took the determination of this one small, scrappy Chihuahua to save the life of this Pit Bull.

Can you imagine how many lives could be saved if we humans took the time to look past the stereotype and really looked at each dog as a dog?

You may find a loving, loyal and dedicated companion to fight for like our Chihuahua friend did.

This little man and I both extend thanks to the Washington County Humane Society for giving them a second chance at a life together.

Perhaps this story will give you a second chance to revisit your thoughts and opinions concerning Pit Bulls. They deserve the opportunity to overcome a stereotype that can most certainly lead them to death.

These two thank you for that opportunity.

Before You Adopt a Dog

October is Adopt-a-Dog Month! Here is a great article by Cesar Millan with tips and suggestions for those considering adopting a dog: