Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Help End Cruel Experiments on Animals

I am not in the habit of soliciting donations. However, I felt this should also be included with the rest of the posts regarding experiments on animals. Any form of help for these poor animals, whether it's financial, writing letters to state and local officials, signing petitions or just forwarding an e-mail that you received will be greatly appreciated.

Jo Ann

PETA's plea for your help..

Without question, testing products on animals is outdated, bad science. It is also horribly cruel. Right now, countless individual animals—including dogs, cats, rabbits, mice, chimpanzees and other primates as well as many other animals—are suffering in laboratories. Animals are force-fed cosmetics and household cleaners and are injected with toxic chemicals. Dogs are forced to suffer heart attacks, mice are infected with massive tumors, and holes are drilled into the skulls of baby monkeys so that electrodes can be inserted into their brains.

There is no rationale beyond the "we've always done it this way" excuse that experimenters use to justify their cruelty to animals … particularly when non-animal test methods are not only less cruel but also cheaper and far more effective in predicting results in people.Together, we are making significant progress, but we need your help again today to stop this wanton abuse and madness. Through the hard work of our research and scientific staff and activists throughout Europe, we've recently won a major victory there that will spare the lives of tens of thousands of animals who would otherwise suffer in painful skin-irritation tests—in which rabbits and other animals have toxic chemicals rubbed onto their abraded and sensitive skin. Thanks in part to our efforts, new cruelty-free tests have been formally endorsed by the European Centre for the Validation of Alternative Methods as a complete replacement for the cruel animal skin test. This means that animals shouldn't be used in the vast majority of skin-irritation tests in Europe in the future.

As a result of this and other recent successes, we are in a stronger position than ever before to persuade the new U.S. administration to follow suit and approve more non-animal tests for use in America's laboratories. But to save animals' lives, we must move quickly. Please help us win this battle and others like it by making a tax-deductible gift today. We need your help in order to stop these and other painful animal tests and prevent thousands more animals from suffering and dying.

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