Tuesday, March 30, 2010

STOP THE HOWLOCAUST - Licking County Dog Pound Rally


SATURDAY, APRIL 10th from 10AM to 2PM
at Licking County DOG POUND
544 Dog Leg Road Heath, OH 43056

Where: Heath, Ohio 36 miles east of Columbus (Central location to be announced soon!!)

Out of Town Supporters:
Please RSVP if you’d like us to supply you with a sign getridofthegaschamber@gmail.com

Questions? Send to getridofthegaschamber@gmail.com

Media Inquiries: SLMYERS1080@gmail.com or 740-973-3060

More Info?: www.lickingcountypac.com & FaceBook Page

Community Meeting: Wednesday, April 14th starting at 6:30 pm in the Heath High School Cafeteria.

Trumbull County OH: where BSL victims went to die

From BAD RAP Blog:

Imagine you're forced to consider giving up your family pet because BSL (Breed Specific Legislation) has made it virtually impossible to find insurance for your dog's targeted breed? And you're getting friggin' desperate. And you know that your local shelter is a dead-end - emphasis on dead - because, who in their right mind wants to adopt a dog with overwhelming state restrictions attached? And rescues are beyond full with dogs they can't place? And you're thinking, "Good god - How can I possibly put my beloved to sleep?"

And you learn about a sanctuary that takes pit bulls. A no-kill sanctuary with a warm and inviting website for your family pet; the wonderful dog that's been your steady and loyal companion for months or years. Would you take him there rather than euthanize him? Oh hell yeah, you would.

You and me, and many, many other people. When we learned that a sanctuary in Trumbull County Ohio had been raided for overcrowding and horrid conditions, it almost didn't land on our radar. But I grazed the seizure photos at the urging of a friend and nearly fell over.

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010