Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How Pitbulls Really Fight

Woman Squeezes Lifetime of Love into One Week

From Care2.com:

Annie had never known happiness. She had been beaten, neglected, and starved all of her life, and then she was dumped at a shelter to die. Annie waited on death row, terrified and lonely, crying every night for someone to help her. She was very ill, and the pound asked if I was willing to take her. Yep, I’m on my way.

I was asked to share the story about what I do for special case dogs on death row in shelters. I do realize that this might not be the most popular idea with all of you, but I’m hoping that maybe it will inspire someone to do the same. If you ever have the chance to do this, it will change your life. When there are terminally ill dogs on death row, I’ve made the decision to do something very special for them.

Because treating these dogs for their conditions would cause them immense suffering, I choose not to treat them. However, I also choose not to leave them in the shelter to be killed. In short, I bring them into my home for a few days. I adopt them into my heart. I love them with all that I have. And then I do what’s best for them… and let them go…

Before She Goes to Heaven – Annie Needs to Know Love
When I saw Annie, it was obvious that she was very sick. She was underweight, coughing, and having trouble breathing, in addition to skin and eye issues. The vet told me that Annie had advanced heartworm disease, congestive heart failure, and several other severe medical conditions. It was highly unlikely that she would pull through any of the treatments, and she would suffer tremendously throughout the process. The vet asked me if I wanted to go ahead with euthanasia. “No. I’ll bring her back next week. Before she goes to Heaven, she needs to know love.”

Read full story at Care2.com.

WAG! Fest - August 24, 2013 - Hillard, OH


As the region’s largest dog event, WAG! is a perfect day’s adventure for dogs and people together. Taking place in the beautiful Darby Bend Lakes area of Prairie Oaks Metro Park, there will be pet-friendly trails to wander and lakes to splash in…where the route to activities leads past appealing booths, where attendees can stop, shop, and learn from the area’s best dog-related product and service providers.

Admission is FREE.

Activities include:

  • The WAG! Marketplace will include exhibits of products, samples and services from pet retailers, clubs and organizations dedicated to the health and well being of canines.
  • Dogs can take a dip at the Water Bark Beach off-leash swim area.
  • Demonstrations, entertaining programs and contests at the Take a Bow-Wow Stage. Pups that stand out from the pack will have a chance to compete in the Top Dog Contest.
  • Guests can meet experts from various area rescue groups to learn about the best four-legged match for their home and lifestyle at the Meet the Breed Pavilion.
  • The icy oasis of the Canine Ice Castle will provide for a cool canine respite on a warm afternoon.
  • Captivating disk demonstrations and dog agility demonstrations by some of the area’s most talented canines.
  • Canine companion adoptions available through various dog rescue groups. And much more!
WHEN:   Saturday, August 24, 2013  10 a.m. – 5 p.m.

WHERE:  Darby Bend Lakes Area of Prairie Oaks Metro Parks, 2755 Amity Road, Hilliard, Ohio 43026

WHY WAG!:  Supports dogs in need. We help over 30 Central Ohio dog-serving organizations reach thousands of donors and potential adopters each year.

MORE INFO:  Visit www.WAGFEST.com