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Update on Montcalm

Below are updates to the stories I've posted regarding the sale of homeless dogs and cats in Montcalm County, Michigan for research.

From Nancy Jean Rose:

As some of you may (or may not) know, the need to stop animals from being pulled from Montcalm Animal Shelter in MI for the purpose of being sold to experimental laboratories came to my attention last November. This has been a high priority for me. Over Christmas vacation I spent my time on the telephone with a contact in MI working on rescues. She spent endless hours of her time working on this situation. We are still waging war on Montcalm and R&R Research.

A lot of time, energy, and work as well as personal and financial sacrifice has gone into the rescue work of numerous rescue groups, transporters and individuals. There are many unknown and unsung heroes and heroines involved in this battle. Sometimes it was almost like hand-to-hand combat and fighting in the trenches. Especially when it came to dealing with R&R Research, the dealer in animal misery and those from the township managers who supported the owners of R&R. The whole situation stunk of graft and corruption wherein a number of people have profited for years on the misery, suffering and tortured deaths of former family pets and helpless, unwanted animals.

What started out as a small county skirmish has evolved into a magnificent effort of people throughout the country pulling together to stop an outrageous situation. This battle has had resounding repercussions throughout the nation. As a result, other states are now banning the sale of pound animals to "research" purveyors. Some veteranarian schools have stopped using live animals (that they would damage prior to teaching by inflicting horrible damage--sometimes while awake) in training future vets--prefering modern methods of teaching anatomy and wound repair. The USDA and Humane Society have become involved, as well as the Michigan state government.

Montcalm MI has become a modern day example of the "shot that was heard round the world."

Below is an update on the results of our accomplishments thus far. Please take time to read it. If you wish, sign the petitions and forward them to the proper people. Send this email forward to all you know. This is no time to relax--we will not win freedom from torture for the Montcalm animals if we do. We have to send a tidal wave, a veritable tsunami, of petition signatures to Montcalm and all other agencies involved before the final and most critical Commission Meeting next week.

Comment from Barbara McGrady:

I want to add my plea for anyone who can attend to please attend this rally and meeting! After having waged this battle for over 30 years, I can tell you that your presence at the last meeting was vital to getting us this far and we need you to push us over the top at the April 27th meeting.

Some commissioners are holding on tight to keeping the contract. Contrary to what they say about your opinion not counting, they are WRONG! Your voices are being heard and they are making a difference!

There are other reasons we want you to come as well. We would like to thank you in person for ALL you have done and if we should win this, we want you to be there to celebrate this victory which will belong to all of YOU as well as to the animals and residents of Montcalm County. A win in Montcalm will go far to secure an end to pound seizure throughout our state!

This is it folks! Let’s give it all we have!
For the Animals!

Commissioner’s Meeting & Rally
Monday April 27, 2009
11:00 AM (Rally)
Meeting 1:00 P.M.

Third Floor Administration Building (Old Court House)
211 W. Main Street
Stanton, MI 48888

Your presence helped us the first time and we needyou again. Even though the commissioners claim to not wantto hear from people outside the county, the truth is that whatothers think of our county is important to them and does have aneffect on their decision making, so please come.

We expect the commissioners will vote on the plan and the contract at this meeting. Please come and help us speak for the animals who cannot speak for themselves.MCCAW and CCC-Montcalm will be holding a rally on the Administration Building lawn from 11:00 AM until NOON.

The rally will be in support of ending pound release and toacknowledge all of you who helped get us this far. We could not have gotten to this point without you! Our goal is to conduct a peaceful and positive demonstration. You can bring your own sign if you wish, but we will have signs available. We want to make one last effort to sway some commissioner while not offending those who have been with us from the beginning.

Please...send this to all Michigan residents on your list who have ever loved an animal.

Please check for updates at:www.cccmontcalm.org

Montcalm in the news:

USDA Investigating R&R Research

Commissioners Consider Shelter Plan April 27
R&R Research decision looms

Changes in Osceola County

The following is from the 4/7/09 Minutes from Osceola County,
Michigan Board of Commissioners meeting
and the Committee of the Whole minutes...

MOTION# 3G: Change in Animal Control Policy/Animals for Biomedical Research

Rescind the Animal Control policy of allowing animals to go for biomedical research and directed Michelle Kuz, Animal Control Director, to contact Cherryland and respond to an email regarding research. (Note: Reference seemingly is to Cheri-Hill)

Committee Minutes
April 7, 2009
County Policy Regarding Animal Research

Animal Control Director, Michelle Kuz, spoke to committee about bio medical research and the use of live animals for such research. She reported that Osceola County is one of only four counties in Michigan to participate in this program. She also reported a proposed House Bill will probably eliminate this practice in Michigan in the future. Michelle told committee members that no animals have been sent out for research since she became director. She has worked diligently on finding homes for the animals. Further discussion was held on whether to change our policy now, or just wait until the House passes the proposed Legislation. Karen Bluhm, County Clerk, reminded Commissioners of email correspondence they had received from an individual concerned about the County’s policy in this matter.

Recommendation by Commissioner Brooks, supported by Commissioner Tiedt to rescind the Animal Control policy of allowing animals to go for biomedical research and directed Michelle Kuz, Animal Control Director, to contact Cherryland and respond to an email regarding research. Recommendation was unanimously supported.

Dean is Available for Adoption at Montcalm County

Read more about the wonderful efforts of American Humane in Michigan

American Humane has worked hard for the animals of Michigan. House Bill 4663, Koda’s Law would ban the practice of allowing shelter cats and dogs to be used for experimental research. Additionally House Bill 4263, or the Humane Euthanasia of Shelter Animals Act, would ensure that when the state’s unwanted, sick or unadoptable shelter animals have to be euthanized, the procedure will only be done by injection of sodium pentobarbital. Please read and support their ongoing efforts.

Please sign/cross post to help reach the goal of 50,000 signatures

Stop Shelter Animals
From Being Sold for Research
Please Sign Petition from American Humane


Ban the Gas Chamber for Animals in Michigan Petition

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