Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Demand an END to Selling Pets on Craigslist

Selling pets on Craigslist is actually against Craigslist's Terms of Service, but the company is failing to enforce their own rules, leaving hundreds of helpless animals open to abuse. Most people offer to give away their pets for FREE. They have no idea the environment their pet is going into. It is unfair and not right in any sense.

Craigslist also needs to stop "Free to Good Home" ads. The animals are even more in danger from these ads. Here are several ways animals given away on Craigslist could be in danger:
  • These helpless animals may be used as bait animals for dog fighting. 
  • People who torture and kill animals like to search the listings for new victims. 
  • Other people that source animals for research facilities all use these ads to find pets. 
  • A newer phenomena is pet flipping – searching free adds for pets to sell for a profit elsewhere (they often end up in one of the above categories).
(source http://www.chicagonow.com/raining-cats-dogs/2013/08/rehoming-pets-on-craigslist/)

Take a stand against animal abuse and help put an end to selling animals for a small fee and giving away for free ALL ANIMALS on Craigslist. 


GREAT RESOURCES:  http://www.craigslist.org/about/prohibited

You Shall Not Pass, Dog

Great compilation of dogs terrified of walking past cats!

Didn’t see that bite coming? Look a little harder

By Nina Stively, DogTime.com Contributor

Being a professional in the world of animals, my social media feeds are generally chock-full of doggy photos, kitty memes, and adorable pet videos. But recently, there has been a disturbing trend among these videos and the longer it goes on, the more dangerous the situation becomes. I’m talking about the videos where a baby, toddler, or child is interacting with a dog in an unsafe manner and, in spite of the clear inappropriateness of the situation, and the dogs many clear demonstrations of stress, an off-camera adult is holding the camera and chuckling.

 “Battle of the Cookie! Pug vs. Baby” is one video where a dog displays several warning signs of a potential bite (thankfully, no one was hurt).

Perhaps equally disturbing are the comments below each video, such as “No way a yellow Labbie would hurt anyone” or “People, not all dogs have food aggression,” and “Baby is in no harm.” Really? No harm?

Dogs give warning signs nearly every single time before biting someone. No matter what breed, or how well trained or socialized, it is incredibly rare for a dog to bite someone actually out of the blue. But, if you are not watching for the signs, you are not listening to what your dog is so desperately trying to tell you, before he resorts to his last option — a bite.

Real-Life Fox and The Hound Best Friends

Meet Tinni the "Hound" and Sniffer the "Fox"!

They are best friends that live together in the Norwegian Forest.  Here are just a few of the phenomenal photos taken by photographer Torgeir Berge, Tinni's guardian.

Learn more about Tinni and Sniffer and view several more amazing photos of the pair at:

To Brighten Your Day

How to Find Low Allergen Dogs

This is a really good article from Answers.com on types of low allergen dogs:

There are a wide number of options available to people who want to be pet owners but suffer from animal allergies. Allergies to dogs are the most common reason that people choose not to get a dog for their family. Today however there are a wide number of options for people in this position. The following questions and answers will help you discover if a low allergen dog is possible for you.

What are Low Allergen Dogs?

Simply put, low allergen dogs are dogs that produce little to no allergic reaction in pet owners with a known allergy to animals. A dog that is considered low allergen is a dog that does not make life more difficult for allergy sufferers. Many people think that short hair dogs are the ones that fit this category, but this is not always the case. There are some large breeds and dogs that actually function better for families that have dog allergies. Before you look for a low allergen dog, it is a good idea to know exactly what you are allergic to. Sometimes allergens such as dust and pollen can get trapped in the fur of dogs and this leads many to believe they are allergic to dogs, when they are really allergic to the dust the dog has brought in.

What are the Best or Worst Dogs to Get if You have Allergies?
Dogs that have short hair or produce little to no dander will be the best dogs for you if you have allergies. Schnauzers are known to produce the least amount of dander out of all dogs, and thus make for suitable pets for allergy sufferers. Dander however is not the only material that can cause allergic reactions. Saliva from dogs is also known to create allergic responses. Thus, dogs that have high saliva content such as a bulldog or a Saint Bernard are not recommended for allergy sufferers.

Read the full story on Answers.com.