Monday, April 6, 2009

Stop Shelter Animals From Being Sold for Research!

The American Humane Association has started a Care2 petition that relates to my previous post this month, Cruelty in Montcalm County MI Must Come to an End.

A small handful of people, myself included, have been working very hard to stop the practice of selling shelter animals to research labs in Michigan.

I DO NOT live in Michigan, however, this is a practice that still goes on throughout the United States. If we can get this bill passed in Michigan, it will help stop this practice in other states as well.

It has been proven that experiments conducted on animals have little to NO effect on humans.

These animals are "tortured" repeatedly without anesthesia. They have surgical procedures done, limbs amputated, organs removed, their skulls are cut open to observe the brain after being given certain drugs .... and all without ANESTHESIA. Most die in agony right there on the operating table, those that survive are simply euthanized, thrown in a plastic bag, and hauled out to the trash. And yes, some are just left to die on there own. It's "cheaper" that way.

Once again, it has been proven that these barbaric and inhumane procedures performed on animals have no direct correlation to the "human" body.

Why do they continue this practice? It's simple.... GREED. Research labs receive millions of dollars each year from our government (your tax money) to conduct research on new drugs and procedures, which once again, has little to no meaning on the human body. Shelters and pounds can receive up to $200.00, per animal, that is sold to a research facility.

Please sign the petition and send a link to everyone you know. Help US to help them. We MUST stop this barbaric and inhumane treatment of our companion animals.

The Petition
Michigan House Bill 4663 will eliminate pound seizure in Michigan animal shelters. Pound seizure is the practice of allowing shelter cats and dogs to be used in experimental research. HB 4663, called "Koda's Law," is named after a shelter dog that, instead of being placed for adoption, was sold to a USDA Class B Dealer (animal broker) and resold to the University of Michigan, where he was used in the university's Advanced Trauma Life Support Class, and then euthanized. Koda's former family believed that taking him to a shelter would allow him another opportunity to find a home and did not know he would be used in a research experiment. Sadly, this happens to far too many shelter cats and dogs in Michigan.

They need 50,000 signatures. Please take a moment to sign this important Care2 petition TODAY!

Thank you,
Jo Ann & "Gang"

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