Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Sadie's Place Needs Vet Bill Help Quickly

I am posting this appeal in the hopes that some very urgently needed financial assistance be received by a dear friend and fellow rescuer Deb Hinkle of Sadie's Place, a 501c3 rescue organization in Kentucky.

Deb Hinkle has assisted me in several rescues many, many times. She works very hard for the animals in her area of rural Eastern KY.

As Deb so accurately puts it, "The work we do is a lot like a M.A.S.H. unit. We get these poor animals most often in terrible shape, nurse them back the best we can and get them ready for their new lives. It's a tough situation in this part of KY. So many animals, very few resources and no local help."

Deb's vet will not let her bring in any more animals until she gets some of her outstanding bill paid off. Her bill is over $4000 right now. There is a ChipIn event on the homepage of her site for $2500 (also below - scroll down). If she can get that much to her vet, all will be OK again. The rest she can pay off a little at a time.

Deb also runs transports to the northeast on a regular basis and saves a lot of lives doing it.

Can anyone help her with this outstanding vet bill so she can continue helping Eastern KY animals? If so, you can use the ChipIn on the homepage or call her vet directly at the Tri-County Animal Clinic 606-673-1144.

You can email Deb at [kentuckydeb @ ] if you have any questions about the vet bill or dogs on her site.

Thank you for your time and consideration of this important appeal!

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