Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Coyote Alert and More Pet Safety Tips

I am a member of the Fur Babies Need Luv Yahoo Group. Bobbie, another group member and fellow rescuer, made a great post this week regarding pet safety... especially in the Ohio Valley.

Please take a few minutes to read her post:

Hello everyone,

It's Fall weather, many are raking leaves, going for walks and just enjoy time with your dogs.

I have received emails of missing dogs recently, some found but unfortunately some never returned home.

Below is critical information that some of you may be aware of and some never heard of what these terms mean but could save the loss of your dogs.

Free to a good home
Typically women put on a loving performance for your dog or cat, promising them a wonderful home, or say they have a pet that needs a companion. They perform a theatrical sales job for your benefit. Never offer your pet for free! If for some reason you are unable to keep your pet, contact an ethical rescue group to take the pet, or, if you have a "no kill shelter," ask for their help. Always check out the rescue group by asking for five referrals and make the follow-up calls. You are determining your pet's life or death. You should feel obligated to find your pet a good home.

These ruthless people will primarily steal domesticated small dogs and cats. The small dogs are used as bait for the fighting dogs in preparing for a fight. Small dogs are no match for a fighting dog like the pit bull. The owners of fighting dogs want it this way because they do not want their fighting pit bull to be injured. Declawed cats are preferred. Cats with claws will cause damage to their fighting dog during a training session.

These are people that steal dogs from pet owners' yards. They usually work in pairs; however, they are fully capable of working independently. Once a "bunch" of dogs have been contained, they are typically sold to research facilities. Research facilities find domesticated dogs the most desirable to use in studies.

Caution: Leaving your dog outside unattended is risky. Your dog could end up in the hands of ruthless people.

Never leave your pet outside unattended. Bunchers and dog fighters will watch your home, taking notes on your habits with your pet. When the timing is right, within seconds, they have taken your pet, and you will never see them again.

I see many invisible fences used to contain pets. This type of fencing may keep your pet contained, but how does it protect your pet from other dogs entering your yard and attacking them? This type of fencing also allows your pet to become an easy snatch for bunchers and dog fighters.

Pets contained in traditional fences are less likely to be attacked by other dogs, however, bunchers and dog fighters do not hesitate to enter your traditional fenced yard to snatch your pet as well.

In Ohio in the Dayton/Cincinnati and Worthington areas, coyotes are surfacing. Coyotes have killed several dogs and one being a Rottweiler. Please be aware Coyotes will attack and kill all breeds. Also, cats.

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