Monday, November 23, 2009

Toledo Dog Warden Skeldon Resigns

A most pleasant follow up for the Lucas County post on the blog. Mr. Skeldon has resigned!!

From the November 19th issue of The Toledo Blade:

Skeldon says he will step down Dec. 31,
but Konop wants him dismissed immediately

Lucas County Dog Warden Tom Skeldon has submitted a letter of resignation, effective Jan. 31, but Commissioner Ben Konop wants the warden to leave his office immediately.

"I am not comfortable with him as our dog warden for even another day," Mr. Konop announced at a Thursday afternoon news conference.

The commissioner, a vocal critic of the warden, commended Mr. Skeldon for "having the courage" to step aside but said he plans to introduce a motion at Tuesday's commissioners' meeting for his immediate dismissal.

If that motion fails, Mr. Konop said he will then seek the warden's suspension until his retirement date.

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From Barbara McGrady of
Please write "Notes of Thanks" to Jean Keating who will share your comments with other Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates. They worked hard to create the positive changes happening at the Lucas County Dog Pound!

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We have Jean and her group to thank for this

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