Monday, January 5, 2009

Decorating the Christmas Tree with Bear

Here is a little story I wrote during this past Christmas season. Even though Christmas is officially over, I hope you will enjoy it anyway.

December 2, 2008

Yesterday (Monday) started out like any other weekday with the exception that I decided to drag up all the Christmas ornaments and finally get the tree, which had been up since Thanksgiving evening, decorated.

I turned on the radio, found a station with some good old-fashioned Christmas music and began the task of opening boxes and sorting through all the treasured ornaments that I've collected over the past 66 years. As I was going about my business, placing ornaments here and there, I noticed that one of my foster dogs, Bear ... a 55 pound Chow/Lab mix, was lying in the middle of the room watching every move I made. He would bark and wag his tail each time I placed a family heirloom in the best possible spot where it could be seen by everyone.

After all the "special" ornaments were carefully placed on the tree, I began to figure out where to place the others. As I was working, Bear would still bark and wag his tail ... however, if I placed an ornament where he didn't think it should be, he would start to grumble and fuss at me. I would then move it to another branch, look at him .... and if he approved, tail would wag and another little bark. If it still wasn't to his satisfaction, I'd get another "grumble". This went on the entire time I was decorating.

When "we" were finally finished, I stood back, looked at the tree, looked down at Bear and said ..... well, what do you think? He got up, walked over to the tree, looked it up and down, walked around the sides, then came back, got down on his front legs, butt up in the air and tail wagging like crazy. I got two big WOOF WOOF's that I interpreted as "GOOD JOB".

I know this must sound strange but I honestly believe the dog knew exactly what he was doing. In fact I'm sure of it, as this is the prettiest tree I've ever decorated. Absolutely incredible that a dog could know where decorations should be appropriately placed. I'm thinking about getting him a part time job through the Holidays as a Decorating Consultant.

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