Friday, November 13, 2009

Toledo Dog Warden Has Got to Go!

My dear friend, and fellow rescuer, Barb McGrady with the Society for the Protection of Animals, sent the following to me.

It seems that Tom Skeldon has a long history of killing dogs under the "protection" of his job as Dog Warden in Lucas County, (Toledo, Ohio area).

YES... Mr. Skeldon has got to go. There simply is no reason why good, healthy animals should be euthanized without the opportunity of ever being placed up for adoption first. Euthanization should be the LAST resort, NOT the only option.

The rescues and volunteers have met with a great deal of resistance from this man while trying to get these dogs to safety. His "7%" rate of dogs successfully getting out of his pound is mostly due from owners who are reclaiming a lost pet. Not very good statistics, in my opinion.

It would seem that Mr. Skeldon would rather KILL the animal than allow a handful of volunteers to take pictures, post on the internet, and allow rescues groups the opportunity to pull some of these dogs in hopes of finding them new, loving, forever homes.

Most of the dogs, who were unfortunate enough to find themselves in the Lucas County pound, are the direct result of human irresponsibility and negilence. Once again, folks ... SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR PETS.

All attempts to remove this dog warden have been met with resistance from his cousin who happens to be a Lucas County Commissioner. She continually defends him by saying that "Cousin Tom" is performing a great civic duty in keeping Lucas County citizens safe from stray dogs. WHAT??? Kinda sounds like these two could pass for "Eva and Adolf" in the 21st Century.

Instead of wasting tax payers money on killing innocent little lives, it would seem much more productive to spend that money on some much needed spay and neuter "education" in their community.

The amount of "tax dollars" spent in this country each year to euthanize the overpopulation of unwanted animals is phenomenal.

A little more common sense and responsibility from our pet owners could eliminate a great deal of the tragedy that befalls too many homeless and unwanted pets. Those tax dollars could be spent much more wisely on things that REALLY matter in the "human" communities... you know... the "homeless"... "the sick and elderly," and the list goes on and on.

There are lots of Spay/Neuter programs available to everyone. Some you don't even have to pay for... and we even have the Mobile Vet Hospitals who pull up at your front door. There simply is no longer an excuse for NOT spaying or neutering a pet, and it's the only answer for eliminating the problem of pet overpopulation, plus providing a "good excuse" for the Tom Skeldon's in this country to continue killing innocent lives each and every day.

Most reputable dog wardens will honestly try to save as many lives as possible and will gladly work with volunteers and rescue groups to get these animals to safety. It appears that Mr. Skeldon isn't one of them and he needs to be removed from the position of Dog Warden so that these unfortunate animals can have at least ONE more chance at life... a life that came into being because someone forget to spay or neuter "the dog."

Jo Ann

From Barbara McGrady, S.P.A.

Look into the eyes of each of the dogs held in dank cages on death row at Lucas County's Dog Pound. You'll see horrific amounts of fear, hesitant hope, and confusion. But you'd better hurry: 75% of them will be killed and incinerated as soon as possible. They aren't held for long. It's easier that way. It's much easier to say, "They're just dogs," when you aren't looking directly into their eyes.

Their crimes? Irresponsible human ownership, not being spayed/neutered, or being behaviorally damaged from human abuse and aggression.

Tom Skeldon doesn't seem to have a problem looking into their eyes and then killing them. Perhaps if we looked into his eyes we'd see a deep, dark abyss completely void of compassion. Mr. Skeldon accuses rescue organizations of "cherry-picking" and fighting over which dogs to save as the reason to euthanize thousands of them, instead. That's an unbelievable statement about compassionate volunteers who for years have tried to intervene but have been met with rejection and insult.

What is the motivation of a dog warden who feels compelled to kill so many when their are so many ways in which their lives might be spared?

I think Dr. Albert Schweitzer said it best...

"Ethics, too, are nothing but reverence for life. This is what gives me the fundamental principle of morality, namely, that good consists in maintaining, promoting, and enhancing life, and that destroying, injuring, and limiting life are evil."

The Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates is actively working with Best Friends Animal Society to help make Lucas County a more humane community. Lucas County has one of the highest kill rates in the state of Ohio and even kills puppies. This despite dog owners paying the highest license fees in the state.

The dog warden's first cousin, Tina Skeldon-Wozniak, has refused to listen to the public outcry calling for a change in leadership at the dog pound. We need help to continue to educate the public about the horrendous conditions at the Lucas County Dog Pound.

The Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates is seeking donations to pay for printing and distribution costs so that we can circulate the following flyer to residents asking them to contact their local politicians and demand change.

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You can help stop the killing!
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