Friday, November 20, 2009

Demand Justice for Oreo

Pets Alive Animal Sanctuary has started a petition to demand the resignation of ASPCA President Ed Sayres. According to the petition, Pets Alive says:

"Ed has demonstrated that he no longer has the capacity to act in the best interest of the animals in their care.

One of many examples is the case of Oreo. The MIRACLE dog, thrown from a six story building, and LIVED. After getting her broken bones fixed and her health restored, Mr. Sayres believed her to be a danger to society and ordered her euthanasia.

Pets Alive, a no kill animal sanctuary - one of the largest in the United States offered sanctuary to Oreo and was rebuffed. When the head of the ASPCA decided that DEATH is better than rehabilitation under a well respected organization, it is time he GETS OUT.


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Oreo The Dog Is Dead, Blame Game Is Not

Although I understand that some abused dogs can be extremely difficult to rehabilitate, I still feel that every effort should be made to at least try. Perhaps the ASPCA didn't have the qualified personnel to understand and correct Oreo's behavior issues. However, other options should have been considered before making the decision to euthanize. We have several good rescues and sanctuaries that are well qualified to deal with abused, aggressive animals. We also have Cesar Milan who has performed miracles with this type of dog. I'm sure Mr. Milan would have been happy to access Oreo's behavior, provide a much more accurate evaluation, and possibly even been able to get her back on track to becoming a good canine citizen. So sad that the ASPCA believes they are above asking for outside help and chose to kill instead.

Perhaps we should choose to reconsider our financial support the next time we receive that URGENT request for donations so they can SAVE another animal in need.

The ASPCA spent lots of donated money to save this dog's life... only to end up killing her. Does anyone else, besides me, see anything wrong with this?

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