Thursday, July 12, 2012

Forever Ellen & Leo - Farewell Angels

Ellen:  Michael Vick Dog Fighting Survivor Euthanized

One of the rescued pit bulls, otherwise known as the Vicktory dogs, saved from the dog fighting ring bankrolled by Michael Vick in 2007 was euthanized after coming down with an unknown illness.

11-year-old Ellen was living at Best Friends Animal Society in Utah. Sadly, she began rapidly, and inexplicably, losing weight and muscle leaving her caregivers with humane euthanasia as the only choice after exhausting all other options.

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Leo, Former Michael Vick Dog Dies

Leo, one of the dogs brutalized in Michael Vick’s Bad Newz kennel, died last week of a seizure disorder. Gaining fame as a therapy dog, Leo was a shining example of how animals can heal if given the chance.

In 2007 Leo became one of fifty Pit bulls rescued from the dog fighting kennel owned by Vick. He went to live with Marthina McClay, founder of Our Pack Pit Bull Rescue and under her guidance earned his mark as a superstar therapy dog. Together the duo worked in hospitals to bring comfort to cancer patients.

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