Friday, July 27, 2012

8 Risks of Renting with a Pet

Searching for a rental that meets all of your location, price, and amenity preferences is hard. Finding a place that has it all and allows pets is even harder. No matter how much joy Fido or Kitty bring you, having a pet is a huge hassle when renting an apartment or house. Pets are expensive, time consuming, and sometimes destructive. Knowing ahead of time what to expect when renting with a pet can help you better prepare for the risks you may encounter.

Click HERE to learn the 8 risks of renting with a pet.

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dallas apartments for rent said...

I agree that if renters want pets then they should be prepared to face what's ahead. They should be responsible pet owners who are willing to care for their pets providing them with the things they need as well as time and affection.