Friday, July 27, 2012

Cool Dogs: 30 Dogs Cooling Off

From The Huffington Post:

During the dog days of summer it can feel impossible to stay cool. And if you grew up in the suburbs, you know about the false promise of a kiddie pool. Sure, it cools you off when you're a baby, but once you're grown up that shallow water is a joke. A joke, we say!

But there are some creatures who can take full advantage of the pools (and water in general). Namely: dogs.

Oh, to be carefree like a dog, plopped in a kiddie pool that his owners probably blew up just for him, sprayed with a cold hose, or paddling in a lake to get a tennis ball.

We decided to let you live vicariously through these lazy, silly, adventurous, but ultimately cool dogs by collecting some of our favorite photos of dogs cooling off in water. Hopefully you'll take to it like (wait for it) a dog to water!

View this wonderful slide show on The Huffington Post.

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