Friday, September 19, 2008

Dude, Where's My Feather Duster?

This hysterical photo of "Dusting Dude" was sent to me by my webmaster Angie. Angie's mother Nancy owns a residential cleaning service in Central Ohio. She snapped this photo of her client Marsha's black Labrador named Dude. Dude (and Marsha's yellow Lab Pearl - who's leg and tail are visible on the left-hand side of the photo) like to "help" out the team on cleaning day!

Those of us who have a Labrador in our lives know all too well how entertaining they can be!

On a slightly related note, it's almost hard to believe that black dogs (particularly black Labradors) are most often passed over at the shelters, resulting in an alarming rate of euthanization... hence, the epidemic known as "Black Dog Syndrome".

You can learn more about Black Dog Syndrome by reading my previous post or by visiting this very educational website called

Please share how a "black dog" has made your life more wonderful. Just click on Comments at the end of this post to spread the joy!

Thanks Marsha & Nancy for allowing me to publish this wonderful picture! Keep up the GOOD WORK, DUDE!

1 comment:

Angie said...

Hey Dude! Got any room on your schedule for another house? I could definitely use some help in my house.

That photo is absolutely ADORABLE!

As far as black dogs, I've got 2 of them. The way I see it... black dogs make it easier to clean up the shedding mess. Easy to find and clean up! :-)

Thanks for sharing this awesome photo, Jo Ann! Love your blog!