Monday, September 29, 2008

Adonis: Saved From the Dog Meat Trade

This story about a dog named Adonis is from Humane Society International. Adonis was one of the dogs saved last year from a shipment of 100 dogs bound for the dog meat trade in the Philippines.

Originally nicknamed Brown-Brown by rescuers, he was soon adopted into a loving new home and has since become a therapy dog, visiting hospitals and bringing joy into the lives of hundreds of children.

Dogs just like Adonis are rounded up in the streets, stolen, or even bought from their unknowing owners for an insignificant sum. Dog meat traders take advantage of the animals’ trusting nature -- they bind their muzzles, pack dozens of them into a small cage, and then drive the dogs for hours to their final destination -- a cruel death.

Warning: This video contains graphic footage.

For more info (and for ways you can help), please click here.

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