Friday, September 19, 2008

A Rescued Katrina Dog's Happy Ending

Thousands of pets perished in the Hurricane Katrina disaster in August 2005... and thousands more went homeless. Fortunately, animal rescuers from all over the country came in to save and re-home as many pets as they could.

One lucky surviver is a yellow Labrador named Pearl. Pearl's mom Marsha Keefer (who also is mom to "Dusting Dude"), shared Pearl's wonderful story with me...

My husband and I adopted a Katrina refugee from our local animal shelter last October. She is a Yellow Lab mix and looks very pretty with our Black Lab (male) named Dude. At first we were considered foster parents while she was still under medical care from the shelter. She had stage two of heart worm disease and was very sick. She was also on Valium and Prozac due to the trauma of Katrina and also from being caged and transported from Pearlington, Mississippi to Ohio. It took quite a few months (and a lot of patience on our part) for her get over her much paranoia. I am happy to say that she is now negative with the heartworm disease and is no longer taking any medications.

Pearl is a very happy dog and has made herself right at home with us. Not only have my husband and I taught her a lot, but Dude has played a huge part in helping her adjust to living in a new home.

I wanted to tell other people that if they have adopted a Katrina animal that is battling with emotional problems, to just give it time and a lot of patience and I guarantee that your pet will eventually pay you back with endless love and affection.

Pearl has turned out to be a real “gem”, no pun intended!

Marsha & Al Keefer
Pickerington Ohio

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