Wednesday, October 14, 2009

County Officials Refuse Public Access to Bite Records


October 10, 2009

Sandusky County Health Department Refuses Access of Public Bite Records to Dog Safety Experts

These reports are public record, meaning that they legally should be available to whomever requests copies. We all want Fremont to remain a safe community. We all want our children to be safe around dogs.

Animal experts can not effectively assist city/county officials in addressing dog bite safety concerns until Sandusky County Department of Health releases these public bite records to Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates (OCDA) and Citizens Opposing BSL.

"Banning particular breeds is ineffective because it does nothing to address the real issues of responsible ownership," said Barbara McGrady, member of Citizens Opposing BSL. "Banning certain breeds does not address the serious nature of the problem surrounding dog attacks. That is namely people who abuse animals and those who are irresponsible. Both of these activities place the community as a whole at risk."

Jean Keating of OCDA said experts in this field are eager to assist Fremont and Sandusky County Officials in drafting dog legislation that has been proven effective in making communities safer places in which to live but can not do so until the Health Department releases their public bite records.

Citizens Opposing BSL have arranged a meeting to be held this Sunday (October 11th), 2 pm at 521 White Road in Fremont, Ohio. Guest Speaker, Jean Keating, will offer information and answer questions advocating a more effective, breed neutral ordinance.



Citizens Opposing BSL
Barbara McGrady - 419-463-8474

Ohio Coalition of Dog Advocates
Jean Keating - 419-708-8946

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