Friday, July 17, 2009

Update on Doug & Katie in their New Home

Here is another update from Ingrid on Doug & Katie's new home.

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Hello Everybody,

I am so sorry I haven't updated you in over a week.

I actually have been doing some catching up in my own life in addition to helping Doug and Katie.

Both have been in their new home for 1 week and 2 days now, and so far everything seems to be going really good.

It's a cute 2 bedroom house with a peaceful yard. A friend of our rescue ANGEL lady's family lives there too. Doug and Angelo get along just fine, especially since they found that they both are of Italian heritage, lol.

Doug is absolutely excited and happy about his new home but at the same time, I can see how he gets overwhelmed with all the changes. As it seems easy to most of us, every change is hard for him. We are trying to establish a daily routine for him, and he started making a list for every day of things that he wants to get accomplished... be it yardwork or vaccuming the house or making calls to find out about counseling.

He does his best to clean the house and the yard but he has to take it slow, because he often is in strong pain because of the hernia.

Even though, at first, Doug was really apprehensive about the idea of going to counseling, he seems to be warming up to the idea now. We are waiting for a call back from the Family Counseling Center in Pasadena.

Doug will also start going to AA meetings. I will be going with him for the first month, starting this coming Saturday at a Church near his house.

Katie LOVES, LOVES, LOVES her new home. She is so happy to sleep in the bed with Doug and run around in the yard. Katie loves her new doggie brothers and sisters. All the dogs constantly follow Doug around and/or sleep in his room or on his bed.

Especially Daisy, the senior lady of the bunch, is very fond of Doug. And Doug adores her. She gets extra hugs and kisses all the time.

We are also working on getting help from the Department of Social Services. He had gotten a card for food stamps, but there is a problem with it now. We went food shopping one time with it for less than $ 50 and now the balance is gone. So we had to spend some donation money on Saturday to buy groceries.

Well, we went on Friday to meet with the social worker all the way from Duarte (near Pasadena) to West Los Angeles, and then she wasn't even there. We were just able to submit the application. On top of everything, we found a BLACK female PIT BULL (I think she's is mixed with Shar-Pei), approximately 2 years old, near the Social Services Department on Pico/Sepulveda, just running loose.

I am stressed to the max, because I have no more room for another dog. My house is full with cats and dogs (my own dogs and foster dogs), and I have several in boarding and 2 in a foster home. I can't take any more. Most of mine are Pits. Well, please don't get upset with me, but I took the little girl to WEST LOS ANGELES SHELTER. I actually stopped by another rescue before, but of course, they were full. I called a few rescuers, but of course everybody is full.
Before I turned her in, I had a long conversation with a volunteer at the shelter who assured me she would take pics of her. As soon as she becomes available, she'll e-mail them to me. The West Los Angeles Shelter has several good volunteers there and the dogs get exposure. Of course, I will keep an eye on her and start networking her out as soon as I get the new pis. I don't have much hopes because everybody is so full and adoptions are so slow. Plus, she is black and black dogs are always the hardest.

I named her Crystal for now (please see pic above). Her impound number is A1046623. PLEASE NETWORK HER!

Of course, we had Katie in the car. Since I always keep a crate in my car, I put Crystal in the crate. She went in without any problems and a couple of minutes later, Katie and her were kissing each other through the bars of the crate. She becomes available for adoption (and to be killed) tomorrow.

Again, please forgive me, but I didn't know where else to take her. I am beyond overwhelmed.

Doug has another appointment tomorrow morning at Social Services with the acutal case worker. So, I will leaving my house at 5 am to go pick him up (his new home is about 45 min. from me) and then drive him to West LA. Then drive him back, go home to spend some time with my dogs and then go to work for my nightshift.

Please keep crossposting Doug's and Katie's story. There is still a LOT OF WORK ahead of us and we NEED your support.

To all who have donated, THANK YOU SO MUCH!

If you can, please make a donation. Our goal is to make Doug and Katie self sufficient. They are on the right track, but it can't happen overnight.

Please send your donation to:

Ingrid Hurel


Ingrid Hurel
4818 W. 136th Street
Hawthorne, CA 90250


Thank you!!!


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