Friday, July 24, 2009

Doug & Katie Are Doing Great

Here is another update on how wonderfully Doug and Katie are doing in their new home! To read previous posts about Doug and Katie, please visit Spotlight on Rescuers.

Hello Everybody,

Doug and Katie are doing VERY WELL in their new home!

Katie loves the other dogs in the home, and they love her.

Doug is slowly starting to learn to deal with the "stress" of a life off the streets. We have a lot of appointments with Social Services and the hospital coming up. Tomorrow, we are meeting again with his social worker in West Los Angeles. He will get an assesement of temporary disability because of his hernia. Next week, we have an appointment at the hospital to see the surgeon. From then on, it can still take up to 1.5 years to get a surgery appointment. Then he has an appointment at the hospital to see a dermatologist because the doctors are suspecting skin cancer below his nose and on his scalp. Then he has a full physical exam in the beginning of August.

ARE THERE ANY DRIVERS out there? (Just kidding).

Anyways, it is very exciting to see how Doug keeps the house organized and clean, and how he continues to make improvements.

He is very happy there.

I accompanied Doug to his first AA meeting on Saturday (we will go every Saturday). It was great, and he really liked it. Two guys at the meeting, who have been sober for over 30 years, gave Doug their number. I hope he can make some friends that will also support him. We are also looking into counseling to battle his anxiety and to overcome his childhood and adulthood traumatic experiences.

Katie stayed at home with the other dogs during the AA meeting, and she did great! She is SUCH A GOOD girl.

We took Katie and her 3 new siblings for a little walk in the park. You will see Doug & his gang in the pic. I had the pleasure to walk 2 of them but for the pic, I asked Doug to hold onto all of them. IT WAS SO CUTE!!!

The dogs are so in love with Doug! They follow him around the house EVERYWHERE and sleep on his bed.

As you can see in the picture above, Doug is also a great cook! He insisted to cook me lunch, and it was Tortellini with a Mushroom/Creme sauce. VERY GOOD!

You all might remember that we had found a black Pit Bull last week on our way to the Social Services in West LA. She is still at WEST LA SHELTER. I am waiting for better pics from one of the volunteers.

I AM ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, because on Saturday, when I was visiting Doug and Katie, I was in their living room and all of sudden, I see 2 Pit Bulls running by the house. I ran out and caught both of them, they jumped right into my car that was parked there.

Male and female, between 10 months and 1.5 years old. NOT FIXED, NO COLLAR/TAGS, NO MICROCHIP, a bit skinny, dirty, FLY strikes on ears. EXTREMELY FRIENDLY.

I begged my friend to hold onto them until tomorrow morning. I have networked them out like crazy because I am BEYOND full with the dogs that I have for adoption.

If no rescue can be found by tomorrow morning, they will have to go to the shelter.

PLEASE NETWORK THESE AMAZING DOGS! My trainer evaluated their temperament and they passed with flying colors.

THANK YOU AGAIN FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! Special Thanks Again to our 2 VERY special ANGELS (you know who you are)!

Please continue to make donations as Doug still needs to cover expenses. The medical exam will show how soon he can start looking for a job but until then... WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!!

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Thank you!

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