Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Doug & Katie Have a Home

Below is WONDERFUL news about Doug & Katie from Ingrid...

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I can’t even describe in words how happy I am to be able to tell you that Doug and Katie have found a home! (Yes, we did the application process, home check, home delivery, contract etc., just kidding!).

A true Angel, a friend and rescue associate has made it possible for Doug and Katie to move in to a family-owned home. Her mother-in-law, will have to go into an Assisted Living Facility, and Doug and Katie will be able to help care for the house and the 3 dogs residing there. Doug will have a nice gentleman (a long time friend of our rescuer's family) as a housemate and the two men are already getting along just fine.

We met everybody on Sunday, had a nice lunch together... to “sniff” each other out. Afterwards, we went to the house, which is located in Duarte near Pasadena, and introduced Katie to the residential dogs, Sammy, Daisy and baby Mellow. Katie loved all of them, but she already fell in love (so did I) with Mellow, a handsome crème-colored Eskimo mix. The two of them were chasing each other in the beautiful, shady yard. Mellow was totally showing off for Katie and had a smile all over his face.

Doug and Katie will move in this coming Saturday and will start with a two week trial period. This will turn into a permanent living situation... if everybody involved feels that it is the right match. They will have their own room and privacy! Doug will be making repairs in the house and he can’t wait to begin showing off his skills. The rent will be $ 350/month which truly gives Doug a chance to get back on his feet and start a new life!

(This is so amazing, considering what Doug would have been put through finding a place to rent from a stranger. We had looked at a room that he found in the newspaper. Many of you would have considered it “a dump,” but we were hoping that it would at least give Doug a chance. Well, as much of a dump this place was, the owner still requested a credit check, all of Doug’s personal info, yearly income, etc. So, even in this “dump” we wouldn’t have been able to get him in, not even talking about a nicer place to rent.)

SO THIS HOUSE IS A TRUE BLESSING!!! It’s such a cute house too!

Doug was completely overwhelmed by our rescue Angel’s kindness. I almost squeezed him so hard that he couldn’t breathe, and he just sat in the backyard smiling. Doug tells me everyday how thankful he is to everybody involved in helping him and Katie. He is very serious about this one-in-a-million chance! The house is so peaceful, and it will give Doug time to start recovering from all the stress and heartache that he has been through. Naturally, Sammy, Daisy and Mellow took to Doug right away, and I have the feeling that they will all end up sleeping in his bed with Katie, lol.

Please enjoy the attached pictures, and know that your support and prayers have turned Doug’s and Katie’s lives around.

As of this Saturday, Doug will not be considered “homeless” anymore!

My special thanks go to our first Angel... a lady who took initiative from the beginning and made it possible for Doug and Katie to be safe in the motel. We love you! Also, my special thanks go to our second Angel... who opened her heart and home to Doug and Katie and believes in them, just like I do! You are the example of a true humanitarian. We will be thankful to you forever.

Thank you all for saving 2 VERY PRECIOUS LIFES.

Thank you to everybody, who has send a donation. WE STILL NEED TO MAKE SURE THAT THE FIRST 2 MONTHS OF RENT ARE COVERED.

I hope, by that time, he will be able to support himself... IF WE FIND A SOLUTION TO TAKE CARE OF THE HERNIA.

We also need to get him a cell phone. Call me crazy... but I am hoping that there might be somebody out there who could donate a computer. Once Doug starts looking for jobs, that will be crucial. As you know, the unemployment rate is very high, and it will be hard. But we are not giving up!

Please make your donation to:

Ingrid Hurel


Ingrid Hurel
4818 W. 136th Street
Hawthorne, CA 90250


Note from Jo Ann...
I'd personally like to thank everyone who responded to Doug & Katie's story with prayers and donations. People who ban together CAN and DO make a difference. For Doug and Katie, it was a "life saving" difference. He is overwhelmed with the kindness people have shown him and his beloved Katie.... people he has never met, nor probably ever will.

Although Doug & Katie are finally safe and off the streets, they still have a tough road ahead. Please continue to keep them in your prayers, and if you can spare a few dollars every now and then, it would be greatly appreciated.

Again, thanks to everyone who opened their hearts to this man and his dog. God Bless you for your kindness.

Jo Ann & "gang"

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