Monday, January 5, 2009

Australian Pet Industry Exposed by Top Journalist

This is a very interesting story by CatRescue NSW Limited in Australia...

Dear overseas readers:

The purpose of this email is to share some local news that shows that finally the media and government is taking notice of the issue of pet overpopulation here in Australia.

It may come as a shock to many other progressive countries, but in Australia, embarrasingly, anyone can breed and sell animals. There are Pet Shops everywhere. There is little regulation and anyone can hobby breed and sell. Our government has done very little to stop this old world practice.

Todays SMH (Sydney Morning Herald) ran a series of significantly large, scathing articles about the NSW Pet Industry and it’s impact on the NSW community. Nick Galvin has spent the time to conduct an exhaustive investigation into the industry, quoting sources across all aspects of the problem. This marks a turning point in Australia's position on this terrible industry. With thousands of supporters now emerging to help change policy.

Click on the links below to see the articles
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We would like to thank the brave Australian pet store workers that came forward and exposed the disgusting experiences they had in procuring animals from a mass puppy farm for sale in a Aussie Pet Stores. The Australian lady, who did not want to be identified, confirmed many pet store puppies come from large dog breeders and are distributed by air freight.

“I’d put my order in one week and get them delivered the next week,” she said. “They were meant to be eight weeks of age; some were five weeks, some were dead. The condition was absolutely disgusting. In one dog crate there might be eight puppies shoved in there.

“Sometimes the vaccination cards wouldn’t match up with the breed of the dog so we’d just make up the breed ourselves depending on what was selling at the time. Whatever would fetch the most money, that’s what we would call the dog.”

No more than about $200 was allowed to be spent on veterinary treatment for an individual puppy, after which it would be destroyed. She also said there was no attempt to match dogs to their new owners.

“The most important thing was, when a customer went to a cage, to get that dog out and put it in the customer’s hands. We really wanted kids in our shop. Once you got a kid with a dog in its arms the mother normally can’t say no. That was our aim - attack the kids to get to the parents.”

In the same paper, two other articles appeared including the NSW RSPCA CEO Stephen Coleman making very clear the RSPCA’s opinion on Pet StoresSo - what is the NSW Government doing about it? Absolutely nothing. The NSW Government still continues to ignore the people of NSW who are wearing the costs to clean up the issue of animal overpopulation brought about by Pet Industry overbreeding. With key Pet Industry members holding very close relationships with the government agencies that set policy, NSW Labor is still failing to adequately address policy shortfalls in this area of enormous community concern.

If you want to take action then visit the campaign sites , and , join up and learn about actions you can make right now to make a difference.We commend Nick Galvin for this excellent and truthful piece of journalism. Finally someone has take them time to thoroughly research this issue and write about it in it’s entirety. Please forward far and wide. To our overseas readers, we recognise how far behind we are in this progressive area. Many times we have volunteers who visit from Europe and the US who are shocked to see we still have classifieds ads selling animals, pet shops selling animals, markets selling animals . . but we are getting there.

Thank you for your continued support and please visit our blog at for comments and more information.

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