Friday, March 4, 2011

Michael Vick confronted by dog owner

My favorite "SLEAZE" Michael Vick is confronted by Richard Hunter, who adopted one of the dogs that was rescued from Vick's dog fighting ring.

So sad that this scum bag is back out on our streets, living the good life, making millions once again with his football career... and apparently ignoring his past bad deeds.

Now, some would argue that he paid his debt to society. However, for all those dogs that suffered and even died because of his cruel and inhumane, deliberate actions... a few months behind bars certainly doesn't seem to be a befitting punishment for such an ill-tempered, down right mean and dangerous person.

Nope, a few months in jail certainly doesn't excuse or exonerate his behavior. Nor does giving him back a multimillion dollar career with the NFL make much sense either. Just exactly where is the incentive to grow up and become a responsible human being?

People like Michael Vick have ruined the reputation of these dogs. What was once a noble and revered breed is now feared, banned, and killed daily by almost every city in our nation.

So for all you big sport fans and supporters of the NFL... is it worth the lives of an entire breed just so you can sit in front of a big screen TV watching Michael play football?

Perhaps, if the sport fans in this nation paid a little more attention to what's going on in our country instead of being glued to their televisions watching sports, we wouldn't be in such a sad state, nor would we be killing off an entire breed because of the "Michael Vicks" out there who continually exploit these dogs for their own greedy purpose.

Once again, it is not the breed but rather the idiot human that causes the problem. Punish the DEED and not the BREED.

As far as I'm concerned, it's a waste of time and taxpayers' money to give people like this a trial. He should have been shoved in the pit with the dogs. Now that's a much more befitting punishment than a few months in jail with the reward of another multimillion dollar NFL contract waiting for him. Somehow, I find it very difficult to believe much was learned by that experience.

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