Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update from Elite Animals

Below is an update from Elite Animals of West Hollywood, CA. These folks have done an awesome job in the fight against puppy mills.


Yesterday, our investigator in the South ( one of the undercover guys who does mill investigations for us) called Elite for me to order a dog. There is no way they could have known he was affiliated with us. He recounted:

"A Russian woman answered me, 'We don't have any dogs.' When I asked if I could order one and have him held until we get to L.A., she answered, 'We probably aren't going to be doing that anymore. Maybe going to do another business."

Folks, I am cautiously optimistic when I tell you I think we've done it. I honestly believe that though there has been no hard evidence that they are done, all signs point to an irreversible erosion of their business. EVEN if their business is loan sharking or some other illegal business, this campaign is a real problem for them. I drive by pretty much every day, sometimes twice and they're EMPTY. It's dark. No dogs, no cats. Same unsold dust covered merchandise on the shelf. Same sad woman, holding her head down. No owners. Dead. The most important thing to note is that NO PUPPY MILL DOGS have been sold for months in WEHO because of us.

Take a bow. Come for what may be the last protest there. We will discuss our next moves WEST to Santa Monica. I will explain in person what is going on there.

I was reading late last night about the Southern bus boycott during the civil rights movement. It took them a year, white folks, black folks together, doing car pools to get to work and leaving those buses empty...a YEAR. After a year, the bus company reversed its unfair and racist position, finally allowing black folks to SIT DOWN! All the while, creepy, racist white folks were taking the bus and acting like the boycott would never work and thinking that they were right to take all the seats, treating African Americans like second class citizens. Those people are the same kind of people who BUY PM dogs. And the owners of the bus company are the same kind of people who own the stores and the mills. They were WRONG and we are right. Today, the world is a different place, not perfect, but certainly more just because of the protesters. You are the protesters. You are standing up for justice and do not give up.

The road is long and consumers are callous. But we will win at every store in Los Angeles.

Please come and support our movement. We will be there from 1-3 on Saturday. Hold a sign, hold your head high. They are pretty much defeated. I think we'll leave them ATTENDED by undercovers for a while to see what develops after this week.

JOIN US, JOIN your friends. SAT 1-3

Carole Raphaelle Davis

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