Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Lawless Killer Guns Down Famed Bear

I usually do not solicit donations, for myself or for other organizations. However, I truly feel that this is a cause that could certainly use some funding.

Poaching is a huge problem in other countries. We as Americans cannot allow this to happen in our country. It is our responsibility to protect our endangered spices.

Poaching is illegal and the people responsible should be caught and made to stand accountable for their ruthless actions.

Offering "Reward Money" often brings these criminals to justice more quickly.

I leave this to your discretion and your conscious. Even a "buck" would help bring justice for Maximus as well as other endangered animals that are ruthlessly hunted down and killed for whatever reason.

Jo Ann

From Defenders of Wildlife...

Maximus the grizzly bear was "a big, beautiful, wild bear," according to grizzly specialist Mike Madel. "He kept to himself, stayed out of trouble.”But he was gunned down in the prime of his life. Left to rot in a Montana hayfield, his badly decomposed body was discovered a month after being ruthlessly shot. His killer is still at large.

With your compassionate donation of $25, $50, $100 or another amount, you can help bring lawless wildlife killers to justice and respond quickly to other wildlife emergencies.

We’ve quickly moved to offer a reward to bring Maximus’s killer to justice. But sadly, this bear's story is not unique. Poachers have recently ended the lives of some of our most endangered animals including Florida panthers, southwest gray wolves and California condors. In Idaho, a female wolf pup was illegally gunned down from a roadway. And a thriving black market in bear gallbladders and other parts is fueling a slaughter of bears across the nation.

Help us post rewards for poachers and alert the public as we aid law enforcement in the capture of these heartless people. Please make a donation today.

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