Wednesday, June 3, 2009


From owner Kimberly Wilson of Windsor, Ontario:

My dog Sasha has been deemed as a prohibited breed here in the City of Windsor. Sasha is Not a Pitt bull and I have a rabies certificate signed by the doctor at Lauzon Vet hospital here in Windsor with her breed as American Bulldog.

I have been served to go to court and prove she is not a Pitt bull.

The Veterinarians association does not allow Vets to determine the breed of an animal. The Vet himself told me that he is not qualified to identify a specific breed. This leads me to wonder what makes the City Officials qualified to make that judgement. Sasha has never harmed anyone nor has she ever caused trouble.

Please sign the petition and help me save her life and try to put an end to the endless number of INNOCENT animals being put to sleep.

Read the full story and SIGN THIS URGENT PETITION:

Jo Ann's comments:

First, it is not only unfair but terribly unjust to seize or kill a dog because of it's breed. Until an animal becomes a menace to the community, then and ONLY then should euthanasia be considered.

Second, without DNA testing, it is impossible to determine breeds, especially a mixed breed.

It seems that law enforcement and animal control officers see "Pit Bull" in just about every dog they encounter, anymore, and city officials go along with it.

How sad that a licensed Veterinarians testimony would not be allowed over that of an unqualified, clueless law enforcement or animal control officer with little to no qualifications for determining breeds.

Although I don't live in Canada, I can honestly tell you that in the United States, most of these people couldn't tell a full-blooded Pit Bull from a Beagle/Lab mix.

Third, banning a specific breed is ludicrous. All dogs respond to what they're taught and how they're treated... it doesn't matter if it's a Pit Bull or a Chihuahua. Of course, it's become apparent that it must be easier for our city officials and law enforcement to confiscate the dog and kill it rather than prosecute the owner who is really to blame for a vicious animal.

SASHA HAS COMMITTED NO CRIME other than the fact that some unqualified person or persons have deemed her to be a banned breed. She has a clean record as a good canine citizen in her community.

It is my recommendation that the good people of Canada, as well as the people in this country, enlighten themselves to the real problem at hand. It is not a particular breed of dog that causes the problem.... it is an irresponsible, criminal-minded owner.

To kill innocent dogs is nothing more than canine genocide.

DID WE LEARN NOTHING FROM THE HITLER REGIME? Lots of innocent people died... and now lots of innocent dogs are dying.

I respectfully ask the city officials of Windsor to reconsider your ban on specific breeds and also to allow Sasha to live.

Even if she is a Pit Bull or a Pit mix, she has done nothing to warrant being killed.

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