Friday, August 29, 2008

Petition to End the Use of Gas Chambers

Please sign the Care2 Petition now online asking federal legislators to end the CRUEL use of gassing chambers as a means of euthanasia!

Every day across the United States, thousands of unwanted dogs and cats are put to death by use of gassing chambers, an unnecessarily cruel and horrible manner of death.

Gassing chambers are atrocious and cause great amounts of stress and prolonged agony to the animals.

They are sometimes ineffective in their task, necessitating its repeated use on the animals who simply did not die.

We hope to make residents of states who still employ this barbaric form of death aware of the fact and hope to enlist the help of many of our citizens who want this horrible form of death to be abolished to let their legislators know our feelings.

Click HERE to go directly to the petition site.

Thank you!

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