Thursday, July 24, 2008

Protest Verizon's Pit Bull Commercial

This post is a contribution from fellow rescuer Doreen in Michigan:

Hi Everybody,

Most of you have already seen this commercial from Verizon, where the two chained vicious pit bulls race for the cell phone and they reach the cell at the same time but the guy gets there just in the nick of time seconds before the dogs. This commercial is in such bad taste in so many ways, but for sure two, 1, for having chained up dogs, and 2, for portraying our beloved pit bulls as vicious, as they are already getting such bad press.

I'm asking along with hundreds already to please go to the link and sign it and let's let Verizon know we are NOT happy about their chosen advertisement. They could have just as easily used a cobra as someone else pointed out. Why a pit bull?? I want and hundreds of others want this commercial pulled. I'm checking on Monday to see about changing my service.

Thank you very much for your support.


Verizon corporate office number is 212-395-1000 in New York. Please call and ask them to yank this commercial.

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