Thursday, September 25, 2014

Duke n' Matt: Rescue Road Warriors
Duke, a friendly red beagle, was rescued by Matt in 2009. Now Duke and Matt are a team.  They volunteer to help transport rescue dogs from puppy mills and other places around the United States. They are RESCUE ROAD WARRIORS! They set out with many other volunteers to drive their canine "passengers" to safe shelters, foster homes, and adoptive families. Kids will meet Duke ‘n’ Matt, learn what it's like to be a Rescue Road Warrior, and find out why these volunteers help rescue dogs and puppies in this new Grammy Pags Story. Special "Learn More" and "Fun Stuff" pages included.  Available at Amazon in print and Kindle versions.

Note from Jo Ann:

Since I’m part of the Rescue Road Warriors team, this book is a wonderful opportunity to introduce children to the rescue world and help them understand just how important these volunteer transport drivers really are.  Without their dedication and selflessness, a lot of dogs and cats would die because they had no ride to a rescue that had room for them.

Some of these animals travel hundreds, even thousands of miles to reach a foster home or, hopefully, their forever homes.

So, the next time you’re out on the road and happen upon a caravan of mini vans, SUV’s, or maybe just those ordinary automobiles, that are loaded down with doggies, puppies, cats and kittens, be sure to honk your horn, give them a BIG THUMBS UPS, and wish them a safe journey.
They truly are amazing people who freely give of their time and gasoline to save as many lives as possible.

And please let me know how you enjoyed the book.  Your comments are always welcome!

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Maverick said...

Go Duke and Matt! Look forward to checking out the book.