Friday, March 14, 2014

Demand Justice for Bryan


When Janice Galloway of Hohenwald, Tennessee, left her daughter at home sick with the family dog, Bryan, a few days ago, she never expected to receive a call saying that Bryan was dead. Tragically, that's exactly what happened -- the Galloways' neighbor had shot Bryan to death in front of his 13-year-old owner, Peggy.

According to Peggy, Bryan was out in the front yard when she heard the sound of a gun going off. Terrified, she ran to see what was happening. That's when she saw her neighbor, an off-duty postal worker, shooting her dog at point-blank range. Though Peggy screamed "Please stop shooting my dog!" her neighbor wouldn't stop. He shot Bryan a total of three times, leaving the family dog dead on the ground.

According to the neighbor, Bryan "approached him" in his front yard. After he tapped the dog in the face "to get it moving along," he went in, retrieved a semi-automatic rifle, and started shooting.

On what planet is this an appropriate reaction to a dog being in your front yard? Bryan lived very nearby. He had never attacked anyone. He may have recognized the neighbor and wanted to make friends. And instead, he suffered a painful, agonizing death in front of his teenage owner.

Bryan and the Galloways deserve a full investigation into this matter. Sign the petition to demand justice for Bryan!

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xoxochelsea said...

This makes me absolutely sick! How, in anyone's mind, could this be an okay thing to do?!

Do we know what breed the dog was? Obviously, this makes no difference as to the awfulness of the postal worker; however, I have experienced A LOT of bad treatment and discrimination towards pit bulls and other breeds with an unfair reputation.

Just a month or two ago, a local police officer in a town near mine shot a pit bull dead because it was approaching an empty school yard (the dog was friendly and wagging its tail, but apparently that made no difference to him). I hate that people (especially people in authority like police officers) have such horrible views toward pit bulls. They get away with such nasty things, simply because of the breed of the dog. It's sick. I am sharing this post on my Twitter.