Monday, June 17, 2013

Sign Petition Against Ohio Kitten Shooting

From Alley Cat Allies:

A "humane" officer in North Ridgeville, Ohio, shot and killed five kittens in a resident's yard on Monday, June 10. This is a clear act of cruelty in violation of state law—but this officer will have no charges brought against him.

Please sign our petition urging North Ridgeville Mayor David Gillock to meet with Alley Cat Allies immediately to discuss more humane measures for feral cats, including community-supported Trap-Neuter-Return.

Calling this brutal killing “euthanasia” and claiming it was a public safety issue is absurd. Officers should be educating residents about how to treat animals humanely and coexist peacefully, not shooting kittens in front of children.

We can’t stand by while more cats are needlessly killed. Urge Mayor Gillock to meet with Alley Cat Allies—and to issue an immediate order halting the “euthanasia” of healthy cats.

Alley Cat Allies will be on the ground in North Ridgeville on Monday, June 17, for a rally protesting this cruel kitten killing—and we will present your signatures at the City Council meeting that evening. We need as many signatures as possible by Monday, so please ask your friends and family to sign!

Thank you so much for taking action.


Becky Robinson

UPDATE 6/19/13:  Alley Cat Allies Meets with North Ridgeville Police Chief about a Humane Approach

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