Thursday, May 3, 2012

8 Products You Own That Are Tested on Animals

This is an excellent article:

When you pick up cosmetic and household products at the grocery store, you probably don't spend a lot of time considering what went into producing them. As long as an item's safe for you to use and works like you want it to, what's the big deal? You might want to start thinking about how it was tested, though. Many companies, including those that own huge brand names known across the country, use animal testing to ensure the safety of their products before they're available to consumers. Some of these tests are necessary to show that the products meet the legal standards while others are done voluntarily to confirm that the item is as good as it can be. Whether you think animal testing is cruel in all circumstances or you believe that it's necessary to keep humans safe and healthy, you should at least be aware that these eight products, which are probably somewhere in your home, are tested on animals.

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