Monday, October 3, 2011

Hero Dogs of 9/11


Ten years after that fateful day, a rescue dog named Abby is enjoying her retirement

At first glance, Abby the black Lab doesn’t look her age. There are very few gray hairs on her muzzle, and she’s as alert and intelligent as she ever was. Watch her on her daily walks with Debra Tosch, though, and you can see the decline. The back legs are starting to go, and she just can’t move the way she used to. At 14, Abby is an elderly dog in the twilight of her life.

But what a life she’s had!

Abby’s a retired search-and-rescue dog, and she and Debra, who was her handler, worked in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina hit. They also worked California’s deadly La Conchita mudslide in 2005. Just two days before she retired, on her 11th birthday, Abby searched for survivors at the scene of a train wreck in California. And she’s one of the few dogs still living who hunted through the smoldering ruins of the World Trade Center desperately seeking signs of life after the September 11 attacks 10 years ago.

Read the full story on the Cesar Millan's website.

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