Sunday, June 5, 2011

Heroes Among Us: Military Dogs

A great article from the Cesar's Way June 2011 newsletter:

Over the past month since the world learned that a Navy SEALs dog named “Cairo” helped carry out the mission that took down al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden, a wave of fascination with military dogs has surged.

The dog, assumed to be a Belgian Malinois, is as much a classified and protected member of the military as any human, and whose identity—along with the human SEALs—may never be revealed. President Obama is one of the few people to have met the dog, in a closed-door session following the U.S. arrival of the SEALs team.

Cairo (and the other nearly 3,000 dogs on active duty in the American military like him) have a critical role in protecting the troops, whose importance was relatively unknown until the raid on bin Laden catapulted it into the public eye.

Read the full article on Cesar's website:

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