Monday, February 22, 2010

In Loving Memory of Daddy the Pit Bull

Cesar Millan, all his family and friends, his staff and volunteers, and dog lovers all around the world today will mourn the passing of one of the most loyal, trusting, well-balanced, and influential pit bull ambassadors the world has ever known. Daddy, Cesar’s longtime friend and partner in canine rehabilitation, died peacefully surrounded by family on Friday the 19th of February. He was sixteen years old.

See Daddy's Memorial Page on the Cesar Millan website.

We have lost one of the greatest ambassadors for the Pit Bull breed our country has ever known.

"Daddy" was the finest example of what a Pit Bull truly is.

How sad that our news media and law enforcement only seems to focus on the negatives with this breed and continue to label them as "vicious killers" -- and insist upon trying to ban them from society.

To me, it certainly doesn't take the brains of a rocket scientist to figure out that any time you have a vicious dog, no matter what breed, an irresponsible "human" is to blame.

We have a decorated War Hero, Sgt. Stubbs, and a movie star, Petey, from the Little Rascals -- both were Pit Bulls -- as well as countless others who have performed services to their communities, including saving human lives.

Even some of Michael Vick's dogs have gone on to become therapy dogs in hospitals and nursing homes. However, none of these dogs made the front page of our local newspapers or the feature story on the evening news. It's always the unfortunate Pit Bull who fell into the wrong "human" hands that make headlines. How unfair to this breed to be so "one-sided."

Cesar Milan's "Daddy" showed the entire world what a true loving disposition these dogs have as well as the achievements they have accomplished.

Our hearts and prayers go out to Cesar and his family for the loss of their beloved Daddy.

Little Junior will have some mighty "Big Paws" to fill, but I'm sure he's up to the challenge and will soon become our next Ambassador for the Breed.

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