Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Remembering Allie

On the morning of Sunday, January 24, 2010, two men suspected of at least six home invasions on the east side of Columbus came to Allie's house to attempt yet another one.

When the men approached the door, Allie started barking.

One of the men fired 3 shots through the door, killing Allie.

But Allie's barking woke the only person in the house, who was able to get a look at the men and also get away, unharmed.

Later that evening the two men were arrested with not only the items they took that night, but items from other home invasions they committed.

Allie did exactly what she was supposed to do, protect her home under any circumstances. Her unselfish actions are directly responsible for the person in the house getting away un-harmed.

On the Monday after this tragedy, Allie's family contacted HSDC, writing:

"Please help us memorialize Allie by donating a small gift in her name to the Humane Society of Delaware County. Lets take something bad and do something good!!"

To make a donation in Allie's memory, please visit:

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