Friday, December 11, 2009

A Doggy Christmas

I dedicate this video to my dog and tree-trimming assistant "Bear". Enjoy!

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Jo Ann said...

Yes, indeed ... this one's for my "Bear".
Last year, Bear showed off his unique talent as the best doggone tree trimmer around. As I would place an ornament on the tree, he'd either "woof" with approval, or give a low "grumbly growl" letting me know that the particular ornament in question certainly didn't belong where I was about to put it. This went on for the entire tree trimming process.
I hate to admit that his talent far exceeded mine as it was the best looking tree I had ever decorated.
I couldn't wait to see if he'd do it again this year .... and, YES, he sure did. Once again, I have an awesome Christmas Tree with each ornament placed exactly where Bear wanted it.
How sad it would have been if this wonderful and talented dog had been left to die in a rural county pound because his owner no longer wanted him. But, how luck I am that I looked into those gorgeous big brown eyes and saw what a magical little spirit resided in that big Chow/Lab body.
MERRY CHRISTMAS and Happy Tree Trimming.