Thursday, May 28, 2009

SPCA Employee Indicted for Animal Cruelty

From the Plano Courier Star Newspaper...

An animal protection clinic supervisor was indicted for cruelty to animals after police found a 5-month-old puppy left for dead inside the employee’s flooded apartment with no electricity.

The German Shepherd mix, Bruce, was found by police March 24. The dog was secured inside a crate located in a dark laundry room surrounded by feces.

Alicia Marie Martin, 23, was arrested for cruelty to animals April 17. She posted a $1,500 bond on May 5 and was placed in Frisco police custody for outstanding traffic citations, according to jail records.

According to court records, police described the odor inside the residence as "overwhelming.”

“It’s a horrific scene because we know what the animals go through to get to this point,” said Jamey Cantrell, Animal Services manager. “It’s something you don’t want anything or anyone to go through. He was left to die.”An animal services vet ruled that Bruce’s cause of death was starvation. Cantrell said the dog was left inside the crate without food or water for about two weeks.

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My friend and fellow rescuer, Barb McGrady with SPA Ohio, says it best in the following statement:

"A reminder that people might appear to be compassionate and kind-hearted... but the truth is anything but..."

My comment...

This disgusting truth happens way too often in shelters and with shelter staff who have animals in their care... and, unfortunately, these people are all PAID for their time and services. What's even more pathetic is they're paid with OUR tax dollars causing two major issues ... the cruel, inhumane suffering and death of a helpless animal AND a great deal of wasted tax money that was paid out in salaries.

I've never been sure what our state (Ohio), county, and city requirements are for hiring some of these people as it would seem that most of these employment candidates come directly from dysfunctional backgrounds, have absolutely NO experience with animals, and certainly show no signs of "common sense" whatsoever... yet they're the ones who seem to get hired. Hmm... makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Now, please don't get me wrong here, folks. We also have a lot of GOOD people who are giving 200% and definitely earning their salaries as ACO's, shelter directors, and shelter staff. We also have numerous volunteers who don't get a dime for their hard work and dedication to the animals. These people are to be commended for their selfless acts of kindness and humane treatment for our discarded, homeless pets.

I guess my question is simply this: What idiot hired this irresponsible SPCA employee and paid her a salary coming from hard earned "tax dollars?"


Anonymous said...

Ms. Martin should not have been hired because she had a prior criminal record for drug possession. She was allowed to adopt several animals from the SPCA during the time she was employed. This form of animal abuse is vile and disgusting.
To imprison an animal in a crate and then abandoned it to slowly starve to death is a depraved and sadisitic torture. Ms. Martin had many options for Bruce if she was unwilling to provide care for him.
She chose to kill him.
Ms. Martin may have been hired because she is bilingual and would be able to assist the hispanic community with animal matters.
The SPCA needs to refine their employment application process and not allow another animal abuser to be paid for torturing and killing innocent animals. We live in Dallas and still support the SPCA of Texas, however, we are montoring this case closely and have attended a court appearance for Ms. Martin. She is set to have a bench trial on September 24, 2009 allowing the judge to rule on her guilt/innocence and subsequent punishment. Several animal activists will be in attendance on
September 24th in memory of Bruce.

Jo Ann said...

Dear Anonymous:
Thank you for the update on this disgusting case.
I hope that when Ms. Martin goes to court, the judge can understand just how cruel and inhumane her actions were against an innocent dog and will punish this crime to the fullest extent of the law.
Although I live in Ohio and can't be in attendance for this trial, you and the other supports will be in my thoughts and prayers in memory of Bruce.
Please keep us updated.