Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Letter from an Adopted Dog

In August 2008, I rescued little Spencer, a purebred Beagle, from a high-kill shelter in Zanesville, Ohio. After several months in my care, Spencer finally found his very own family earlier this month.

I received the wonderful letter from Spencer (written, of course, with his help of his daddies). They have graciously allowed me to share it with you. Enjoy!


My name is Spencer. I am a 5 year old Tri-Color Beagle.

I had a rocky start in life with my first family. They did not care for me properly and made me stay outside all the time. Then they dumped me off at the Muskingum County Animal Shelter. The Shelter was such a scary place but I did get food and water.

Luckily a sweet lady named Jo Ann gave me a foster home in August 2008. I had 11 foster brothers and sisters to play with. We got a lot of love from our foster mom and I am so grateful that she saw something special in me. She taught be how to potty, walk on a leash, stay in a crate, and how to be loved.

A little over a week ago my Dads found me in Jo Ann's online web site. They said my cute brown eyes just melted their hearts. Daddy Jeff started adoption procedures, and my friend Al took me to meet Jeff and Mike on February 5, 2009.

It's been a difficult adjustment arriving in a new place and trying to get settled. I only came with the collar around my neck.

Daddy Mike went out that night and bought me a big crate, food, a collar and leash. They petted me all night long and made me feel welcome. I slept pretty soundly my first night in this new place.

I have not been perfect but my Dads have been very patient with me. I guess it's kinda new for them too. There have given me all kinds of gifts. My favorites are a cloth chew cow toy and a huge red pillow (It's really comfy). I have not learned how to play fetch but I am trying. My Dads give me all the love they can, I always want more but that's okay.

Daddy Jeff took me to a new doctor (Swenson Veterinary Clinic) on Monday. They checked me over and said I was in great health. I do have a problem with separation anxiety so I am taking some medication to help me.

Last night the storm really scared me. Usually I sleep on my big pillow in the dressing room just inside the bedroom. I was shaking badly so my Dads let me on their bed. After snuggling between them I felt safe and dropped off to sleep.

Here's my picture so you will know me when you visit! Looking forward to meeting you in my new home!

Spencer - Goodwin-Page

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