Thursday, June 12, 2008

Introducing Blue: A Rescue Dog Survival Story

[Warning: Graphic images appear below the story.]

By Katherine Daily
June 3, 2008

The scenario is most likely this... a dog was tossed into a dog fight ring and when he wasn't "good" at it, the "people" (and I use the word loosely - they are living bodies without souls) try to kill the dog. It's common practice. They stabbed him in the neck with a pole type object and took a knife to his head. These were injuries that could not have been inflicted by dogs. The vet confirmed he had hundreds of dog bites on his body, the most severe obviously on his chest.

We rescued this dog on a rainy Saturday in April, he was rushed to the vet hospital. His flesh was literally rotting. He had been laying in a garage, starving, weak from blood loss and infection. If you've ever smelled rotting flesh, you know it. My van smelled for a week. For the first few days the goal was to keep him alive, then once over that hump, the vet began daily treatments to clean the dead tissue, etc. Even in pain, he was as sweet as pie. He let the vet/staff do anything to him and only thumped his scraggly tail, happy for the attention. Five weeks later he looks much better, the hole in his chest growing smaller, little by little. He has had 3 surgeries, the last one yesterday to try to close up the chest wound.

We named him Blue. He is very sweet, takes treats ever so gently, he loves people and other dogs. The vet staff all adore him, he is their favorite patient. Blue is a pit bull and he is wonderful. He is another sad example of what the slimeballs do to these dogs, the most abused, persecuted and misunderstood breed in history. So don't believe the media hype about the breed, we have many, many examples of their extreme bias and selective sensationalism. It's the humans who are evil, not the dogs.

Blue will be looking for a home/foster home when he is released from the hospital - so please spread the word to your friends. Thanks!

Day 1, April 26...

3 weeks Later, May 19...

You can still see the hole in his chest 3 weeks later.

5 Weeks later... May 29. Blue's chest wound looks a little better, but is still quite disturbing in person.

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