Friday, February 8, 2008

Ohio Puppy Mill Bill Needs Your Support

This is a very important issue that our State Representatives need to act on. We need your support.

Please pass along this information to others you know in Ohio so that they can also show support to ban the horrible conditions that exist in puppy mills.

Please take a moment to read the note below from my friend and fellow rescuer Kellie DiFrischia:

Dear Dog Friends,

Hello! The dogs in Ohio puppy mills need your help.

As you may know, The Puppy Mill Bill (Substitute House Bill #223, Senate Bill #173) has been in the Ohio Senate and House for several years now. It seems we are stalled and sometimes relegated to the back burner for other pressing issues.

We need to alert members of the Senate to resoundingly know we want this bill to pass as soon as possible. Don’t allow the dogs to continue to live in the deplorable conditions that give Ohio the reputation it has as a major producer of puppy mill dogs!

We need your State Senator to hear directly from you. Let this be the last winter the dogs and puppies live in squalor conditions under OUR WATCH!

We also want Governor Strickland to know how important The Puppy Mill Bill is to millions of dog people in Ohio.

Please ask them to vote the bill out of the Senate as soon as possible.

We have written, revised and worked out all the details of this bill. Ohio can finally begin to rid itself of the reputation we have for the puppy mills with the worst conditions in the entire country.

If you have a personal puppy mill story, please send it or use the note below.

Thank you for taking the time to help Ohio 's most defenseless dogs.

To read about the bill or see pictures from deplorable mills in Ohio, visit

For the Dogs,


PS Please send this to anyone who cares about dogs. We need to have a strong voice for the dogs forgotten in high volume kennels.

Kellie's Suggested Letter:

Dear Legislator,

The Puppy Mill Bill (Substitute House Bill #223, Senate Bill #173) has had testimony in both the House and Senate.

It is been re-written to please breeders, veterinarians, dog wardens and rescue organizations. Fees have been lowered, fingerprinting has been removed. We have a superior piece of legislation that will finally bring an end to the brutality, neglect and abuse seen in Puppy Mills in Ohio . Soon, a dog bred in Ohio will have a badge of honor instead of a mark of shame that the pup could have come from an Ohio Puppy Mill.

Please do what you can do to pass The Puppy Mill Bill as quickly as possible. The dogs have suffered long enough in a billion dollar business that is not regulated in Ohio.


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